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7 Most Common Reasons Relationships Fail, Handle those to be always Victorious

Every relationship has a story to tell! Love at most situations isn’t enough to make relationships last as long as possible, hitches and glitches are meant to occur at various points in relationships. Frustrations are expected to occur from time to time and when problems in relationships start getting extreme and frequent one starts to question the state and position in which their relationships is. A few of the problems we encounter is stated below:

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Most times we don’t know how pride affects us in all aspects of our lives, we might always feel we are meant to be this and to do that. For some people, being ego driven is the mind’s way of being in control. There is a very thin line between ego and self-esteem as a man with ego lacks buoyancy.


Without trust, every relationship is expected to fail. Trust is depending on the strength of your partner. Having faith in he/she is by taking vital decisions knowing that your partner will be there to support your every move. Trust is relying on your partner’s every move knowing it can’t affect you-without all these, no relationship can stand.


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Expenses is a vital part of every relationship, without money frustration is set to come in and it could be disastrous. Couples with financial struggles and financial incapability tend to have less satisfaction especially when the individual is the poorer one or affected financially, so there is every tendency to point fingers when there is a financial downfall.


Generally, violence toward another person is a punishable offense, violence against a fellow individual you are in love with shouldn’t be heard of. Violence started when one as mixed feelings relating jealousy to love which leads to insecurity. It is expedient we tame our emotions and not letting it get out of hand.


Sex is meant to be enjoyed and a source of joy between couples, but it could also be the source of complications in every relationship. This should be handled with care and seriousness; if overlooked, it could result in cheating and infidelity in a relationship. Your sex life with your partner can increase your intimacy levels, sex can take your intimacy level to the highest point and can help you beyond your bedroom


What does miscommunication do? “I think my partner will do this” “I think my partner is telling me something” “I don’t get what he is saying” you should be able to understand each other in every aspect, be expressive and get clearness when you seem to be mistaken.


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Greediness should be avoided, one shouldn’t have to wait to be asked before we open our arms and give. Let us inhabit the way of giving as it also wins a way into the hearts of our partners.

There is a role every individual as to play in making his/her relationship work, we have to take note of our issues and take responsibility in resolving them.

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