Fighting Till Death: White Collar Boxing Club

White-collar boxing was started by Bruce Silverglade a Gym owner in New York City who began organizing informal fights between the white-collar workers of his clientele in the late 1980s, which later developed into regular monthly events. There's a very broad spectrum in the middle that's unregulated and unlicensed, but still legal.

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People are attracted more and more towards White Collar Boxing events perhaps because this is more sensation. It is often to hear about someone's death as it has many dangerous forms. White-collar boxing is a form of boxing in which men and women in white-collar professions are trained to fight at special events. Most have had no prior boxing experience and therefore are more susceptible to injuries.

This is not only a match but real fight also and today it is not only confined to America but has become very popular in London, Singapore, Shanghai, etc. Taking this into consideration the International White Collar Boxing Association (IWCBA) was established in 2001. The IWCBA uses the same weight divisions of professional boxing and awards a belt to the champions of each weight category and match is carried out in the presence of the medical team.

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Turns are usually three 2-minute rounds ("3×2" format), unlike the longer three 3-minute rounds (3×3) in the Amateur Code for men and 4×2 format for women.

|Published on March 26, 2018

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