Are you feeling emotionally numb here are 7 signs to look out for


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Have you noticed a decline in the excitement you usually feel while engaging in your favorite pastimes? Perhaps you are feeling emotional numbness, which is defined as the inability to experience or show emotion. It is possible to be in this mental state and not even notice it is affecting your life. Some people describe emotional numbness as feeling unfocused or ungrounded. Since emotional numbness is a progressive condition, here are seven warning indicators that you may be experiencing its effects.


1 Lack of interest 

If you have lost interest, it is time to face your negativity and seek for assistance. You feel bored with life that is getting you down. Most people's journeys into emotional numbness start here. They lose interest in their work, their health, and the pursuits they formerly held dear. A 2013 research by Weiner and colleagues found that a quick lack of interest is an excellent predictor of emotional numbness.

 2 You have no capacity for pleasure

How much effort do you put into intentionally enjoying yourself? According to a 2019 research by Weiner and colleagues, anhedonia, or the inability to experience pleasure, may impact everything from one's choice of restaurants to one's preferred television program. Once providing you with a boost of energy, these pursuits may now seem meaningless. Anhedonia is a serious issue in and of itself and is also a typical sign of depression. If you have noticed that the things that used to bring you the most joy are no longer doing so, it is possible that you are having more fundamental problems. 

3 Food just does not seem to have the same flavor 

Do you feel like there is something missing from the flavor of your meals lately? Emotional numbness is also reflected in this peculiar feeling. Numbness may diminish the enjoyment of even the most mundane activities, such as eating. According to a 2019 research that also emphasized the connection between physical and emotional pleasures. If your physical sensations also seem weak or odd, emotional numbness might make your food taste like cardboard. 

4 You can not make up your mind

Having trouble making even simple choices? Have you become less confident in making decisions? Having confidence in your own judgment allows you to take action with conviction. When you have confidence in yourself and your abilities, you can relax and enjoy life. However, being unable to feel emotions destroys self assurance. You have managed to persuade yourself that there is no good choice since every avenue is doomed to failure. As your inability to make a choice increases, so do the emotional lows you feel. Do not be paralyzed by uncertainty. Stay out of sight. 

5 Feeling guilty is a constant emotion for you

Do you always have a sense of guilt? You beat yourself up for being so sluggish. You beat yourself up because you snooze too often. Feel bad about feeling bad. Emotional numbness often manifests itself in this way as well. If you are feeling emotionally flat, it is easy to feel like you are making a lot of mistakes. Small slights may easily grow into huge embarrassments. If you suffer from chronic feelings of guilt, emotional numbness is a real possibility. 

6 You stay away from your family and friends

Has ignoring your loved ones become a habit for you? The prospect of spending time with a loved one, which would normally fill you with joy, suddenly seems like a nightmare. Your friendship may be suffering because of your frequent cancellations because of emotional numbness. Who from your close circle of friends and family members are you most likely to confide in if this rings true for you? And now you feel as though you have been assaulted. Do you believe no one supports you? You always feel judged and criticized.

7 Loss of emotional connection may erode self esteem 

A lack of self-assurance might make you feel as if the world is conspiring against you. Even though it may not seem like it right now, remember that you have friends and family who are rooting for you and supporting you during this tough time. Have you ever found it difficult to experience or communicate your emotions? We have teamed with better assistance, a low-cost online counseling service that you may use if you or someone you know might benefit from it. They are always looking for ways to enhance their services and their terms and conditions.


Anxiety and depression

Depression is a serious illness, and one of its early symptoms is emotional numbness. People with anxiety and depression disorders are emotionally numb. Depression can make you feel deeply sad, empty inside, and like you do not want to do anything.

Medication side effects

Some medications may also trigger emotional numbness. Medications for anxiety and depression may affect the level of mood related hormones and brain processes.

Post traumatic stress disorder

This type of disorder may change stress hormone levels and may lead to symptoms of stress anxiety and emotional numbness.

Treatment for emotionally numb people

The first step in treating emotional numbness is to identify and treat the underlying cause. A healthcare professional can help with this, or they may refer you to a mental health professional.


This therapy can help a person understand how their thoughts and feelings affect their behavior. This can help them learn to approach situations in a new way, which may help reduce anxiety. Cognitive behavioral therapy gives you the opportunity to express and understand your emotions, and also examine the sources of those emotional responses.


There is no specific medicine for the treatment of emotional numbness but medicines may help to reduce the depression and anxiety disorders. A doctor may prescribe medicine if symptoms are severe or symptoms have a significant impact on the person’s everyday life for an extended time.

Minimize stress

Try to manage your stress .Schedule your daily activities such as walking, playing or try to involve with family and friends. Take healthy diet. Practice deep breathing, which can help immediate relaxation.

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