Republic Channel; Arnab Goswami’s Fascinating Journey Towards Creating New Global Media

Know many interesting & lesser-known facts of Arnab Goswami, Arnab’s explanation- how his Republic News channel would be different, on the other hand, what kind of Channel Indians want, how Arnab Goswami describes his Republic Channel, Is there anything w

12 Life Changing Habits which Can Hugely Boost Your Confidence

Everyone will have a dream. In order to achieve the dream, you should have smaller goals. If you desire to achieve success acquire good habits.

The 14 Book Entrepreneurship Boot Camp: The CEO and Entrepreneur's Thought

If you are the kind who can read and assimilate a book a day, try this Entrepreneurship fortnight. We are recommending books that don’t hard sell to you

Alex Lewis: Victim of Flesh-Eating Bug Recalls Heartbreaking Moments

Alex's experience tells us how things can take a strange turn, Life is an unpredictable cycle, and one never knows what there is in the next moment.

Being Roadside Food Stall Owner You Can Earn More Than Software Engineers, Now How?

In India, A Roadside food stall owner earns a minimum of Rs 3000 per day, and the average salary of a software engineer is Rs 238 per hour, which will end up in Rs 64260

Donald Trump, Mind-Blowing Journey to the Political Apex & Super-Interesting Life-Facts

Donald Trump-Political Journey, Interesting facts, detailed Bio-Data, E-Mail controversy of Hillary Clinton, Prophecies, Relations with Russia

Johnathan - A Documentary of 14 Year Young Psychopath

At the age of fourteen, a young Canadian named "Johnathan" determined to kill his friend and friend during a clear stage throughout lunch. He later turned himself in, was guilty of first-degree murder

See How One Realistic Idea Can Change Your Entire Life!

Every power is inside you it just needs to be realized and then you will have control over everything inside your life. Just like this there are many people who have changed their life

Track Your Friends and Stranger's with New WhatsApp

WhatsApp is one of the best messaging apps in the market, but many were left in shock when the new Exploit was discovered by a CS researcher.

Steve Jobs - An Enigmatic Person Who Changed the Tech World!

Apple I is the future turning point for Jobs. The Macintosh is a family of personal computers designed, manufactured, and it first sold by Apple Inc. in 1984. It has a user-friendly interface

A Flight Attendant Sees “Help me” written In the Airplane’s Toilet, immediately Calls on the Pilot to reach out to the Police

An abstract look on the courage of a flight attendant called Sheila Fredrick who helped in saving a teen girl from being kidnapped and trafficked

Meet a Man Born with Half Body but Still has Sparking Enthusiasm

Despite of having just half body he is great enthusiasts, meet Christian Arndt who has no arms, no legs, his weight is just 20 Kg, he plays video game with chin

Superhuman Children: Reaching Height Above 7 Feet

Malee Duangdee, a 15 year old is among those children who have reached excessive height; at the age of 13 years she was 6 Feet 10 Inches.

Tia McCarthy - Miracle of Girl Who Never Ate Food for 10 years

Tia McCarthy was born with a condition called Oesophageal Atresia. She refused to eat anything for the first ten years.

Uncovering Women Abuse, Behind Closed Doors (Domestic Violence)

Domestic and family violence is violent, abusive or intimidating behavior in a relationship. This relationship can be a partner, carer or family member. 

The Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Pakistan

Pakistan is one of the world's most important Muslim nations.There are so many children's who live and abused by adults.

Know The 12 Cs which 90% of the Millionaires Come Across!

Everyone has obstacles and difficulties, in the journey of becoming a millionaire or to remain in that position, you certainly need some principles and ethics to comply with.

World's Shortest Peoples Who Never Grew Up

The growth rate is an important indicator of general health. The height of a human being that is below normal is known as short stature. 

12 Traits That Help You To Realize Your Dreams!

Do you really feel that those who achieved the success are just the persons with extraordinary luck behind them?

Avoid 12 Things & You Will Be More Satisfied & Happy With Your Life!

In spite of everyone yearning for a happy life, hardly we find persons who confidently say that they are leading a contented life. 

Aberash Bekele -The Rape Victim Who Fought Back and Shamed a Nation

Aberash was a schoolgirl of 14 years old, a group of horsemen kidnapped her from the way she walking home to school. They beat up her very badly until she gets tired. 

Elon Musk- A Big Dreamer with Exceptional Qualities!

Elon Reeve Musk is a Canadian-born business tycoon. He was a Big dreamer and make them came true. These are the superior qualities of Elon Musk. He is the founder of SpaceX

10 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Drop Out of College Just Because They Did

Have you been inspired by other lists similar to this one which shows a glamorous headshot of Bill Gates and urges you to quit college right away?