Impact of China’s Aggression - America to Recalibrate Defence Alliances


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Ten Years back there was no country in the world who could even think to challenge America’s Supremacy, even Russia was hesitant and intrinsically reluctant, but today China, Brazil, European Union and India are emerging as Superpowers and occupying their place, and particularly China & India are reaching highest economic and military cadre, then time has come for Donald Trump and America to re-calibrate and redesign its strategies.

None of these two were so close to America as NATO has been and none of both were America’s rivals as Russia has been, but it would be in America’s favour to prevent grouping against him as in time to come strong military alliance against America by any two (Russia, India & China) could keep it really on tenterhooks.

Can India Be An Armed Threat To America:

Point of solace is that India is America’s friend and has strong economic and military ties, she may have the trade relationship with Russia and China but at least will not be a military challenge for America in near future. 

Undoubtedly India has sharpened her teeth after Narendra Modi has come into power but it has the unparalleled record of peacekeeping and has participated in war only when it had been imposed on her by China and extremists of Pakistan.

Recently when India successfully launched Agni 5 missile, a most potent nuclear-capable missile ever made, that can carry about a 1,000-kg warhead to 5000 Kms and also has the capacity to target almost all of Asia, China and Europe; America responded favorably & quite softly. Indeed India’s gain power is good for America if it expects India as his strong Future Ally.

Closure Ties Of America-India May Re-organize World In The New Order as:

  1. India's population of 1.252 billion is about 40 times than that of Iraq or Afghanistan and 65% of its population is below 35 years.
  2. It has the area of 3.287 million sq km- is about 20 times the area of Iraq and 40 times that of Syria. It has the coastline of 7500 Kms which is greater than any of America’s smaller allies.
  3. India has PINAKA (multiple barrel rocket launch system) produced by DRDO, Highly developed Tank- T-90S Bhishma, INS Vikramaditya- Monster aircraft carrier, NAG Missile and Namica (Missile Carrier), Phalcon AWACS- used to detect aircraft, ships and vehicles at long ranges, INS Chakra (Nuclear-Powered Submarine), Brahmos Missile which is world's fastest cruise missile in operation (travels at speeds of Mach 2.8 to 3.0) and many advance aircrafts which only top superpowers do have.
  4. In Military Power India Ranked as 4th in the world. Indian Armed Forces have a reported strength of 1.4 million active personnel and 2.1 million reserve personnel. In addition, there is approximately 1.3 million paramilitary personnel.

Putin’s Military Power- The Number-1 Threat To America:

Russia is often considered as the number-1 threat to America and NATO Forces. Obama administration, at the beginning of its tenure used to think that Russia is a declining power, he didn’t pay it much heed and thought “Yet a weak, insecure, unpredictable country with nuclear weapons is dangerous but not lethal” but towards conclusion, Barack Obama was so afraid that he blacklisted five suspected institutions with hacking charges and expelled 35 Russian diplomats, many saw this as Obama’s effort to complicate Donald Trump’s task to reconcile relationships with Russia, however one thing has been strongly revealed that Russia has gathered lots of power (military, economic and strong alliances) in the past and now it is almost unbeatable.

Imposing sanction was not a wise step as harmony is only the way for both to coexists, after sanctions Russian Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova responded:

These deconstructive, destructive actions for bilateral relations are being implemented by an administration that is leaving in three weeks. This looks like an absolutely unpredictable manifestation of aggression.

The USA was always the enemy of Soviet Union/Russia except when they needed them to win World War-II. It continued even after the world war-II as America got great allies in the form of NATO but the Soviet Union didn’t. However today’s scenario is different as in past China was not in the big picture and today is, and if Donald Trump tries to patch up with Russia then should be welcomed as it will have positive counter effects elsewhere.

Donald Trump- Bridging The Gap Between America and Russia:

Increasing worry comes as the Pentagon has finalized a confidential security assessment for the Donald Trump, who has promised closer ties with Mr. Putin in the Past. And even there was a bombshell report that Russia can blackmail Trump but all have been proven to be a hoax and bullshit.

It seems that Trump will not opt any major drift immediately and will not lift the ban until and unless the situation is appropriately analyzed but still one can anticipate that tension between two superpowers will be greatly reduced and will be mutually beneficial.

The Challenge To American Hegemony - China Remains Biggest Threat:

In today’s world scenario China is considered as the economic powerhouse, mostly because lots of production China does is from American Companies but still, the strong aggression it has shown against America is very unexpected, surprising and cannot be taken lightly. Indeed there is not only one incident but series of incidents which worries the US, listed are a few:

  1. The Chinese navy has stolen an underwater drone on December 16, 2016, which was the great embarrassment to the US and a blow to its dignity.
  2. China clearly challenged US World order by ignoring legality of South-China-Sea dispute when In July 2016, the tribunal issued its judgment and upheld the rights of the ASEAN claimants to their EEZs, noting that China’s claim has no legal basis. Despite the maritime dispute, China has constructed three airfields there, two are 3,000 meters in length, one is 2,600 meters and has established naval basis.
  3. China’s new draft law on NGOs will substantially limit the ability of a wide range of organizations to work in China. 4. China did not lay out a red carpet for President Obama when he arrived at the G20, however, laid for others, American Press had highlighted this as humiliating and disgraceful.

What If War Breaks Between America and China:

Roughly 15 years ago, a Chinese fighter jet pilot was killed when he collided with an American spy plane over the South China Sea. This episode was the beginning of tensions between two countries, however, the position which China has taken today is not just reactive one or momentarily but well determined, planned and a clear challenge to American dignity.

U.S. President Barack Obama has failed to respond appropriately and went on ignoring the situation, however, worked on building up military and economic relations with China’s neighbors in hopes of weakening its influence but that was not like a superpower which America was known for.

If War between China and America breaks then would be unimaginably catastrophic, China could do great damage to the U.S. and allied military forces, however, China would still suffer more losses than Washington even at present stage. War experience which the US owns, no other country does possess so the first strike would cripple a lot of Chinese harbors, start chaos in major cities, disable a few visible strategic installations and command centers because of lack of response time due to surprise, but it can be reversed also.

Final Take:

Washington is eyeing on China and losing its soil in Pakistan (as China-Pakistan are All-Weather Friends), Iraq, Middle-East, and East Asia (especially North Korea) where Kim Jong-un (known as China’s puppet) is the ever-increasing threat for America.

No doubt that Russia has always been the biggest enemy of America, but has it ever went to war against America? Has it posed a big economic threat ever? On the other hand, China is posing both, that too with consistency and stalwartly, then who is the biggest threat to America- obviously China.

Therefore this is the time for America to re-calibrate its alliances, deepen its ties with closest allies like Australia, Egypt, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Australia, UK, Canada, France and all NATO countries and respond to new world challenges by strengthening relationship with India and Russia, as there is no other strategic build-up which could clamp down this big giant called ‘China’ but only becoming close to these mighty military powers.

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