Miraculous Benefits of Microwave Around All Over the World

The microwave is very similar to electromagnetic waves. FCC used microwaves primarily for point-to-point communication systems for the transmission of all types of information.

Thinking Machine Can beat all Modern Copyright Laws!

If a human being can learn from a copyright-protected book, can a machine also learn from it, Reben recently recommended to Engadget. 

Discovery of New Planets Like Earth!

The Universe is everything. It includes various things in it like planets, stars, galaxies, dust clouds, light, and even time. 

Steve Jobs - An Enigmatic Person Who Changed the Tech World!

Apple I is the future turning point for Jobs. The Macintosh is a family of personal computers designed, manufactured, and it first sold by Apple Inc. in 1984. It has a user-friendly interface

Top 5 Most Leathal Flying Weapons Ever Created In The World

Space is everything in the universe beyond the top of the Earth's atmosphere. Space also means what's between planets, stars, etc.  Space weapons are weapons used in space warfare.

Is Your Financial Website Able to Create Potential Customers?

In the world, there are several things, like some have their websites but they frustrated because they do not create the potential customers that you expect.

Can Increasing Demand for Smartphone Replace Laptops in Future?

Many industries may in the future rely only on mobile phones. There are so many reasons that a smartphone is the best choice for a mobile computer than a laptop

Wi-Fi or Ethernet- Which is Better for Internet Connectivity?

Ethernet is faster than Wi-Fi. Wireless communication is a common standard for every new technology, so it does not have a bright future.

World's First 512GB MicroSDXC Card Launches February 2018

It did not take long for somebody to topple 2017's microSD storage record. The UK's Integral Memory has undraped what it says it the primary shipping 512GB microSD card.

Daniel Nocera- Coverts Solar Energy into Liquid Fuel

"Bionic leaf" uses alternative energy to separate water into hydrogen and oxygen. Scientists tried to form liquid fuels by using solar energy.

Neuralink -Connecting the Human Brain to Computers!

Elon Musk is probably the greatest visionary in the world. He is the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla companies. Now he comes with his new project Neuralink.

This is Why Barcode or Symbol Scanners Are Very Useful in Businesses?

We are in an era where technological innovation takes place here and there and from time to time. A business cannot be as effective without barcode technology.

$69 Billion Sale- Samsung Overtakes Intel as World's biggest Chip Manufacturer

Samsung beat so popular Intel in its own chip-making business. The South Korean technical firm demonstrated its chip sales in 2017 at $ 69 billion.

Scientists Create Clones of Monkeys-Are Humans Next?

Chinese researchers successfully cloned the fruit of monkey macaques twice, producing the sister monkeys Hua Hua and Zhong Zhong, using the same basic method that was used to create Dolly. 

Smart Technology- Clothes Turned into Power Generators

The need to stay in touch with electronic devices is growing day by day. This need led to the creation of smart clothes.

Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Will be Replaced by Kenichiro Yoshida

Sony announced that on April 1 Sony will replace its chief executive officer Kaz Hirai with Kenichiro Yoshida. He is Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer

12 Super Hot Ideas that Changed the World!

The world has progressed since the Stone Age just because of innovative ideas and discoveries. The 20th century has witnessed the progress

FIA Approved All Cars of EV Racing Series From Tesla

All-Tesla sports series received full approval from the Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile (FIA). It is an association that controls Formula 1. 

Why Is It Almost Impossible To Intercept A Nuclear Missile?

Modern defense systems use interceptor missiles; these interceptor missiles carry “kinetic kill vehicles”.

Will Robots Replace Runway Ramp Models?

Now, together with the people, the robots entered in the arena of the podium. A new Fashion Robot which has similar qualities of women.

ESA Selects 2 Small CubeSats for Study of Lunar Darkness

The European Space Agency has selected two winners in the competition to build CubeSats, which will study in the dark area on the moon.

The Smart States -Implementation with New Technologies

Technologies like personal computers and smartphones have changed every corner of society. Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak are declared god innovators of these technologies

Walmart Joins E-Book Market through Japanese Partner

In the Walmart stores have modest sections of books, however, now the Walmart's company plans to expand it with digital books. Walmart introduced a teamed up with Japanese Rakuten to sell e-books

SpaceX Tests 27 Engined Gigantic Rocket First Time!

This is an incredibly complex rocket, and the largest since the Saturn Vs that took us to the moon.