Steve Jobs - An Enigmatic Person Who Changed the Tech World!

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The late Apple CEO Steve Jobs was a technological dreamer who has overcome numerous setbacks on the road to success. The full name of Steve job was Steven Paul Jobs. He was born on February 24, 1955, in San Francisco. Steve Jobs was studying Physics, Literature, and Poetry in college, however later he dropped College and returned to his childhood home in the Gulf of California.

After his return, he discussed his concept of creating a personal computer to his friend and future business partner Steve Wozniak. Together, they designed Apple I, that would affect the future of technology. Today inevitable to fail to notice its success in the computer industry & Steve Jobs is hailed as a cultural zeitgeist, fertile thinker, great motivator and best CEO world had ever seen.

Apple I was the future turning point for Jobs. The Macintosh was designed, manufactured, and first sold by Apple Inc. in 1984. It had a user-friendly interface, the Macintosh paved the way for personal computers that are still in use today. However, the initial launch did not immediately go into profit, as a result of which many of Apple's Board of Directors asked the question of Jobs's leadership in the company and influenced his reputation.

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After that with Apple, Steve Jobs created a new company with a burning desire to create a computer that changes the world. It was at this time that Jobs turned his attention to operating systems instead of hardware, focusing on his personal life, and launched a new entertainment business with the benefit of Pixar Animation. The investment that made Jobs most popular at that time was their first feature film, Toy Story.

The ten years had passed since Jobs's removal from Apple. Apple company had suffered a lot, often not competing with Windows. With a new interest in Apple, Jobs sold NEXT to the company and returned as temporary general manager. In an unprecedented move, Jobs provided investment from rival Bill Gates to revitalize the Mac brand with the debut of iMac desktops with sweets and clamshell laptops that paved the way for the use of personal technologies that are still in use today, from iPod to iPhone.

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Steve Jobs was very hardworking and unique thinker. He had his own unique field of distortion of reality and was truly remarkable and inspiring personality. This person demonstrated himself in what may have become the most famous advertisement in all over the world.

Jobs died at his home in Palo Alto, California on October 5, 2011, due to complications after the relapse of his previously treated islet-cell neuroendocrine pancreatic cancer. He had lost consciousness before died with his wife, children, and sisters next to him.
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