Fighting Till Death: White Collar Boxing Club

White-collar boxing was started by Bruce Silverglade a Gym owner in New York City who began organizing informal fights between the white-collar workers in 1980s

1O Common Signs You Need To Know About Cheating In a Relationship

Lots of beautiful relationships are torn apart due to the fact that one spouse is cheating on the other. Spouses who are unfaithful will often try to cover their guilt

This is How Smartphone Addiction is Affecting our Physical and Mental Health

Smartphones have become a necessary part of our lives. These are advanced mobile operating systems with personal computer operating systems

The 10 Emotional Stages You Go Through after Finding Out Your Ex is Engaged

So, your ex is now engaged to someone else and you are spending your days thinking all about it and being sad? Huh! You don’t need to as you are not alone here

Always Hungry! Surprising Peoples Who can't Stop Eating

Overeating is a disorder which not only affects physical health but causes a lot of stress at mental and emotional levels because you know that there is something going wrong.

Instant Karma Connection of Soul Mates of Past Life

Soul mates are persons with deep feelings about each other including similarities, love, romance, trust, compatibility and understanding. 

Why is it Difficult to Understand a Woman?

As it was once said in the story ‘The Postmaster’ by Rabindranath Tagore “no one can fathom the feelings of a woman”. 

6 Simple & Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of lips Wrinkles!

One of the most delicate parts of your body is lips. Lips play a vital role in both functionals well as in an aesthetic manner.

At the Age 30s - 9 Most Important Medical Tests For Women!

The 30s is the age when a woman completely identify herself. It is important for a woman to go on regular health screening and medical checkups.

11 Expert Tips for Making Relationship Sexier!

In this age of serial hookups and casual sex, we all want to be found desirable. Most men and women find it exciting to be with a partner.

This is How Most Parents Plan Summer Vacations for Their Children?

With the announcement of summer holidays in school, there comes a mixture of dread and excitement in not only children but also in parents

What Indian Men Want in A Women: Kindness Or Attractiveness?

For most young people, this is very important. Their significant other has to be kind, scoring high on empathy. Kind female partner is more important than finding a beautiful one.

Sexy Perfumes - Here are The Best 13 Feminine Scents!

World over everyone will agree that fragrance makes femininity. Nothing distinguishes the feminine essence better than an evocatively feminine perfume.

How Water is Essential For Human Life & Wellness?

Water is a transparent and nearly colorless chemical substance. It is the main constituent of Earth's. All plants and animals must have water to survive.

Know The 12 Cs which 90% of the Millionaires Come Across!

Everyone has obstacles and difficulties, in the journey of becoming a millionaire or to remain in that position, you certainly need some principles and ethics to comply with.

World's Shortest Peoples Who Never Grew Up

The growth rate is an important indicator of general health. The height of a human being that is below normal is known as short stature. 

12 Traits That Help You To Realize Your Dreams!

Do you really feel that those who achieved the success are just the persons with extraordinary luck behind them?

12 Reasons Why Your Personality may be Impaired

If you want recognition as a leader in the society, it is time to rate yourself among the above features. If you are honest and sincere.

Unique Blood Test that Tells About Eight Types of Cancer

The scientist presented a new way of testing blood, in which you can find 8 different types of cancer, including the notorious elusive liver and pancreati

Avoid 12 Things & You Will Be More Satisfied & Happy With Your Life!

In spite of everyone yearning for a happy life, hardly we find persons who confidently say that they are leading a contented life. 

10 Reasons Why You Should Not Listen to Negative People!

If you want to maintain high self-confidence level and high morale, it is necessary to act as the “deaf” when the people with negative attitude surround you.

11 Ways to Step Out of the Dark Place

Everybody gets in one of these once in a while. Even the most die-hard optimists get the blues. Sometimes dark, negative thoughts overwhelm us. 

Leslie Ash -An Eye Opening Documentary on Plastic Surgery Nightmare

English histrion Leslie Ash noted for prima within the BBC broadcast Men Behaving Badly presents a documentary concerning cosmetic surgery, exploring its advantages, issues, and pitfalls in a mostly unregulated trade.

Child Heroes- Parenting Their Own Blind Parents!

Paul and Amanda Craig are blind and disabled. They live in a townhouse in Bicester, Oxon with their six children. They are independent.

10 Ways Friends can Influence Your Future!

Friends play an important role in our social life. As human beings are social, we need someone to support us and be with us through the ups and downs of life.

Honey- Expelled From School for Her Complex Behavior

Honey is a nine years old girl. She was finally expelled from school after the threat of beating other students. Parenting can be very difficult to handle this type of child's.

Smart Technology- Clothes Turned into Power Generators

The need to stay in touch with electronic devices is growing day by day. This need led to the creation of smart clothes.

Know About the Interesting Women Who Love Cat!

A cat lady may also be an animal hoarder who keeps large numbers of cats without having the ability to properly house or care for them.