Alex Lewis: Victim of Flesh-Eating Bug Recalls Heartbreaking Moments


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It is a sad story! What happened to Alex was beyond anyone’s idea and he survived because of his sheer strength and miracle.

It all started from a common cold where his wife found him with excruciating headaches for two days and rashes all over his body and was going purple as well.


She could not figure out what was happening until he was rushed to the hospital. Bacteria called Streptococcal strand A caused the symptoms in Alex’s body. He has to go through multiple surgeries to get out of danger. His condition had certainly changed his life but what people could not see the impact that this has made for his family.

The Extraordinary Case Of Alex Lewis

Alex thinks that it is strange, and he misses all the fun that he had with his son because he misses the closeness with him. His wife takes care of him after he returned home from the hospital and she thinks that he is still the person she loves. 

It is in reality check because everything can change with a blink of an eye. Alex then visits a rehabilitation center to develop his motor skills where he would be staying for ten weeks.

A Father’s Journey After Losing His Limbs

This rehabilitation training will give him more independence, and he can find himself back by training his motor skills. He learns and experiences different ways of using arm support to pick up things and use them. Alex’s goes through an alone time where he is crying and contemplating his condition.


His wife and son Sam come to pay him a visit at the center. Going through a severe condition, Alex recalls that it is super hard again contemplates his situation, but no matter how hard it is, he gains the confidence to do better. One should always make the best of the chances that life gives.

The Extraordinary Life Of Alex Lewis

Going through so much can cause anyone to drift away from his or her personality, and they can forget who they once were. However, Alex stayed the same after in his condition and kept working harder and achieving his skills. He still tries hard to be himself to save his relationships and works hard on it.

Many factors revolve around him, his wife Lucy and Sam’s life that count for their family-hood. His mother tells the difference between Alex and other dads from his son’s school where the other can play along with their sons, but Alex cannot.

Alex Lewis Is A Great Motivational Speaker

Having a good life with almost perfect everything makes most of us lack what lies on the other side of the frame. Alex’s experience tells us how things can take a strange turn, and there is no absolute guarantee for it. Alex was a normal person with a healthy family, but things were kept in a different order for him compared to others.


Life is an unpredictable cycle, and one never knows what there is in the next moment. You can never understand how things will work in your life, but you can be grateful and hope for better things to happen.

Alex loved dressing up a lot, so after he wears prosthetic legs, he can dress up like before and wear his favorite Gucci shoes. He was given the best prosthetic legs that the NHS has to offer, and the motive is to make Alex well so that he becomes less reliant on the family.

At this point, he wants to do it all by himself and without no support and help, and the progress is gradual but good. Alex is reviving himself for a better future and time, and his family cannot expect anything better.

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