Boon or Curse: What are Fashion and Social Media to Us?


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Social media are computer technologies that facilitate the creation and exchange of information, ideas, career interests and other forms of expression through virtual communities and networks. Social media to some extent was a boon to the business style, helping it grow and produce in the forefront a few new and exciting designers and trends from around the world.

The fashion industry refers to design. But now the Technology trends reshape the Fashion industry.

Mastering the art of fashion & Style is not that easy in today's fast paced world, now communication is constantly speeding up and you have to be within the fast turnarounds, you have to balance thinking with doing, you should be relevant as well as adaptable to technologies, there should be uniqueness in your work, you should have holistic perspective as well as you should be multi-skilled, cultivate human interests and to the top of this finding right clients. All you can do with the help of social media.

Another important aspect of the social network is the emergence of fashion bloggers who express their opinions about fashion and trends in the industry on the Internet and social networks.  When social networks became the key communication platform for people on the web, brands immediately began to realize their value in order to demonstrate their products and appeal to their audience.

Few have done this more efficiently than fashion brands that understand that their primary marketing impact is a visual medium. With the advent of the Internet and social networks, the ability to share and transmit images of the brand exploded, which led to the fact that even niche brands and upcoming designers received much more exposure and visibility. This was recognized as a boon for the fashion industry.

With the increasing use of web and social analytics, designers can also better predict trends in style, which leads to a faster cycle of creation and birth of the concept of fast fashion. The fashion industry invented another new technology called robot models. These robot models are replacing the real models in the fashion Industry.

Social networks also provided an opportunity for everyone to demonstrate their sense of style, clothing, and fashionable appearance. However, the drawback of this is the reduction in the number of worn garments. After the publication of social networks. People do not want to be seen in the same outfit again and again, thus, it reduces the likelihood that it will be again imposed. This led to the rapid growth of the fast-fashion industry. Although this can make people think that the fashion industry is doing well.

Nowadays people have become addicted to fashion.  People are selecting cheaper clothing that appears fashionable and looks good in photos, however not essentially durable. This creates pressure on production at lower prices. Using cheaper and not essentially environmentally friendly materials, that dramatically will increase the carbon footprint in the industry.

The present system cannot support the recycling of garments in these quantities, and steps should be taken to enhance people's attitudes towards the utilization and process of clothing. While several brands are taking steps to reduce synthetics' impact on the environment, such as using recycled PET fabric in jeans and sportswear. These efforts are negligible compared to the size of the problem.

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