At the Age 30s - 9 Most Important Medical Tests For Women!


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The 30s is the age when a woman completely identify herself. This mid age is bittersweet, your body begins to show signs of aging but you still feel young. You may not feel or look different externally, but your body changes slowly. It is necessary that you take care of your health and be ready for some physical changes that happen by the aging of the body. After entering in the 30s, it is important for a woman to go on regular health screening and medical checkups.

To continue enjoying wellness of body and mind and be healthy for decades it is important to prevent diseases and have good health habits. In fact, in a survey, it was found that women who get regular checkups and healthier and they stay away from clinic for a long time. In the 30s, women can suffer from several health problems, to prevent them here are some must test that every woman in her 30s should go for.

Eye Check Up

In 30s many women start facing the problem of weak eyesight. This usually happens because of using mobile screens and computer in excess. Blurred vision, red eyes, pain, dry eyes, eyestrain are some of the common problems that women complain about. They also face a headache due to their eye problem. 

Women should go for eye check-up at least twice in their 30s. if you have a family history of this issue, ever face eye injury in past or have some vision problem, then you should increase the frequency of going to eye care specialist as the chances of eye problems is high in these cases. 

Breast Cancer Test

The chances of breast cancer in the woman is growing day by day due to rapid change in our lifestyle. Especially when a woman is in her mid age, the chances of breast cancer is high, so it is important to get the regular checkup for this. If the problem is detected, then it will easy to cure it in the early stage.

Blood Pressure

Women in their 30s should go for the blood pressure check-up at least twice in every year. High or low blood pressure can result in brain, kidney, and heart related serious problems. To keep your blood pressure in check by noticing a slight change in lifestyle, food habits and the medicines you take.

Thyroid Test

The thyroid is a problem which can result in autoimmune disease and weight gain. If you feel any symptoms like abnormal sleep habits, mood swings, irregular menstrual cycles, or sudden weight loss or gain then you should go for a thyroid test, else women should go for thyroid test every once in 4-5 years. The thyroid is detected by a blood test which checks the level of TSH, T4, and T3. High level of TSH indicated low thyroid whereas a high level of TSH indicated high thyroid.

Pap smear and HPV test

Cervix infection or cervix cancer is detected by pap smear test. From the surface of the cervix, a small sample of cells is taken during the test. Women who are in their 30s should get pap smear test once in every two years. If you have a history of HIV infection, abnormal screening results or weakened immune system then increase the frequency of pap check-up.

Check up For Cholesterol

For a healthy heart, keeping your cholesterol in control is important. By your total LDL and HDL cholesterol, doctors can predict further strokes and heart attacks. Doctors check cholesterol level by a blood test. Women should go for cholesterol check in every 5 years. If you have cholesterol more than 130 mg/dL (bad cholesterol) then you should get your cholesterol checked every year.

Bone Density/Vitamin D Test

Deficiency of vitamin D in bones can cause weakening of bones and the risk of osteoporosis can occur in women. Getting bone destiny test regularly is important for women as after the age of 30 the body becomes less reactive of the nutrients and the problem of weak bones arises. Vitamin D is important for bones, it also protects the body from heart diseases, diabetes, and some cancers. 

You can get vitamin D naturally from dairy products and sun rays, but women who have a deficiency of vitamin D should take supplements as well.

Diabetes Test

Every 20 out of 100 people is suffering from diabetes nowadays. Women who are pregnant and suffering from obesity should get diabetes test done on regular basis to avoid complications in pregnancy. After 30, women should get diabetes checked every once in 3-4 years.


Colonoscopy is done to detect colon cancer. Colon cancer is common cancer among women and its risk increases with the increase of age. In the colonoscopy, the doctor inserts a flexible, long tube having a small camera at the end through the rectum. This is done to check for polyps if he notices any growths it is immediately removed. 

Colon cancer is easy to cure if detected early. After the age of 30, doctors recommend colonoscopy in every 5 to 8 years but if you have a family history of this then you should go for this test regularly in every 1-2 year.

These are few test that every woman should go for after reaching her 30s. as the age increases, the risk of diseases also increases, but taking care of your health regularly will keep you fit and active.

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