Can Increasing Demand for Smartphone Replace Laptops in Future?


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Many of the tasks that you can perform on a computer, you can also do that task on a smartphone or tablet. There are so many reasons that a smartphone is the best choice for a mobile computer than a laptop or tablet.

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Many people feel lost without their phones since we spend 60% of our time on our mobile phones. When computers first appeared on the market, the general public was impressed by the excitement of what the computer could achieve.

But, as the mobile phone became more technologically advanced, the accent quickly switched to them. Computer sales have declined over the past couple of years. Many industries may in the future rely only on mobile phones. But there are many industries that can not function without a computer.

For example, the computer and electronics industry receives only 42.6% of mobile traffic. Thus, such industries exist only because of the invention of computers, and employees. Therefore they cannot perform their work without them.

Many financial industries are also highly dependent on computers. Taking accounting, the mobile phones represent a high risk of human errors. But the software on their computers allows them to enter their financial data without errors.

You should also think about schools! Most of the education for children lies in the hands of computers, which allows children to effectively conduct research and learn about a number of things. Yes, it is true, you can search everything on your mobile phone, but do you really think that this is good for schoolchildren?

As technology moved forward, and people could play their favorite casino games on their computers. They are not going to play games in a brick-and-mortar casino. Due to this, there was a slight decrease in the number of people visiting the casino.

Playing games and placing bets using a mobile phone on slots is now convenient for everyone. For young players, visiting a real casino may not be an option. Smartphones make it easy for everyone. There are hundreds of applications available for download on your smartphone, it's no surprise that people prefer smartphones for gambling platform, not the desktop computer.

Thus we can say that people prefer smartphone as compared to the computer for playing these games. Most users today have both a smartphone and a computer in their house. They use a smartphone for phone calls, messaging, browsing the Internet, reading e-mail and other small tasks and using the computer for more complex projects or work.

If you are trying to solve only a smartphone or computer, also consider a tablet or a hybrid computer that offers the best of a laptop and tablet.

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Using a smartphone, you can connect to the Internet from virtually anywhere. You can search for information, send emails, take photos, navigate the highway and play music - often at the same time. There are some tasks for which a smartphone is perfect, and some of them are just capable, and some of them simply can not do.

The smartphone is the best tool for mobile computing. It is almost guaranteed the most convenient and affordable tool, but there are many tasks for which a laptop or tablet makes more sense.

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