The Legacy of Childhood Sexual Abuse in Pakistan

Bharatwa Editor
Bharatwa Editor
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Pakistan is world's most important Muslim nations as it has world’s biggest earth filled dam, world’s one of largest irrigation network, world’s biggest deep sea port, Pakistan is supplier of almost 50% of world’s Footballs and it is the World’s First Muslim Nuclear State. However there is other side also: in most of parts literacy rate does not touch a double digit figure, society is divided on linguistic, ethnic and religion (sect-wise) and caste lines and Pakistan is world famous for harboring and spreading terrorism.

It is also notorious for child abuse; According to the Islamabad-based nongovernmental organization Sahil, an average of 11 cases of child sexual abuse are reported daily across Pakistan.
There are so many children who live in the open street because they are very poor. They have no source of income that's why they can't pursue their study and are compelled to work to earn livelihood at very tender age. Mostly such children have very painful experiences, they are sexually abused by many peoples in almost all towns and cities across Pakistan, tens of thousands of young boys have become the victims of pedophile predators who have no fear of the law.

This is a secret that few people disclose and even there are very less who want to discuss. In a society where women are hidden from view, and young girls are considered untouchable, bus stations, truck stops and lanes have become a hunting ground for perverted people to hunt the innocent children. This is one of the most sad and shameful aspects of world societies.

Damaged forever and without hope, many of the boys turn to drugs to stun the pain and sadness. Naeem is a 13 years old boy who had been sexually abused by four men when he was only ten years old. Naeem is now a child prostitute and he expresses his pain by saying: “Sometimes I wish I’d never been born".
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