Discovery of New Planets Like Earth!

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The Universe is everything, whatsoever we can possibly think of it is already there as it's content. It includes various objects & systems like infinite planets, trillions of stars, billions & billions of galaxies, Stardust, supermassive black holes, light, time, and even more which is still beyond our comprehension.

The universe is very large no one can know the exact position of this, no one reaches its boundaries, no one knows it's beginning and no one can conclude it ends.

The universe takes a wonderful variety of planets, within which some planets are incredibly the same as our own planet. Is can be assumed that inhabitants of the earth may occupy any of those planets in the coming future? It is amazing to know what the recent astronomical discoveries have revealed, there are thousands of potential planets where life may exist.

A desirable documentary "Discovery of New Planets Like Earth" considers probable conditions on a few of those planets and their parallels with the place that we tend to visit or reside on our home planet.

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Every planet in the universe moves around the sun and its own axis. Their latest discovery is that the TRAPPIST-1 planetary system, a dwarf star, around that seven planets rotate in close proximity. It is situated at around forty light-years away, the star is larger than our own Sun.
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