Top Traits of Successful People – Is an Overnight Success a Myth?


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Most of the people who read success stories believe in the concept of overnight success. We feel that the life of successful people has been very rosy and good and destiny had given them a fair chance. Also, it is common to believe that they reached their position very easily. These success stories stimulate us to explore this world and do something great and achieve fame and money. 

However, the fact is that while most of us focus on the output i.e. their success, none of us wants to look at the road they have traveled down to reach this success.

The success stories of most famous people have been filled with tireless nights and hard days. These happy endings had to start with a lot of pain, patience and hard work. After all with these efforts people like Bill Gates, Steve Jobs, and others got the popularity, bank balance, and position that we all want to achieve. Let us look at the common factors in these people that helped them reach the top of the mountain. We too can achieve success by following these traits which are very inspiring. A successful life has lots of failures, passion, hard work, time and self-belief.

Successful People Want to Bring a Change to Their Own as Well as People’s Life

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Change is the biggest contributing factor towards anything in life. As they say, it, Need is the mother of all inventions. So, successful people do challenge their own life and decide to move on a difficult path to success. To start with is the first step that can lead you to success. Stop following other people’s path and make your own.

Get Ready to Face Rejections

After firm determination of bringing change, you must be ready to face rejections in your life. There is no set limit for rejections after which you will get success. There can be limitless rejections on the path to your success from the people whose life you are challenging. An example of such a rejection of your path can be like this. You are a worker building a 15 story building and you have to climb to 15th floor just like other workers several times a day. 

This is very tiring and you propose your colleagues and boss to build an elevator for this purpose. The most obvious answer would be no as you are trying to challenge the routine life and work pattern that they are used to. This is a very tough phase as most of the people quit or fail at this stage.

Failures are a Step to Success

Failures can be super discouraging and many people cannot survive through the first two phases to reach this level. Sometimes you make an entire plan of work and you may even execute that, but not get the correct result. It is very rare that you would get success in the first step and so you need to have the courage to keep on trying until you succeed. 

But this does not happen, usually, after a few instances of failure a person gets depressed or he might give up the entire idea and try out a completely new job or thing. Continuously trying and failing along with pain and struggle, tiring nights and hungry days are common for those looking out for exceptional success and fame. Remember, a diamond is also found in a coal mine but it takes years to convert a coal into a diamond.

Be Passionate About What You Do

Passion about something gives you the energy to move towards your goal. With an appropriate passion for your work, you would be able to reach your goals and you will not be affected by the problems and issues that come your way. This will serve as a motivating factor for you to move towards your goal. Make sure that you love what you do. Passion is all about doing what you like and that you can do along with your normal job or studies. Whenever you choose to quit or change your path, your passion serves as an inner voice which helps you keep going.

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Time and patience is the most important ingredient of the success. One must know how to make use of time wisely as an opportunity once is gone will never return back. Time is the most precious gift given my life to you and in order to succeed, you must give maximum time to your dream and passion. 

Although it is very easy to say difficult to practice along with lots of financial pressure, social pressure, studies, cutting off hobbies, shows etc. You may have to even become cut off from your social circle to reach ahead to your success.

Hard Work

Without hard and smart work nothing can be achieved. To get the better success you must work towards it passionately. If you are preparing to do graduation and then you are expecting to get a Ph.D. degree then it is of no use. You might imagine that people near you are quite successful and they got this without many efforts and struggle and that you are struggling so much with your life. 

If you think this way, then you are making a big mistake. You might have noticed only the success of the person but not the sufferings that the person has gone through. Luck, overnight success, destiny, etc. must be properly blended with passion and hard work to achieve success.


A successful person is highly self-disciplined and focused on his goals. With proper and planned way a person can move towards his/her success very efficiently. Without a proper plan, an action can be not having a proper direction and focus. In short, one must do what one likes and remain focused on his work and be ready to bear all sorts of pain and pressure that comes in their way. Also, it is important to focus on one’s own strengths, abilities, and qualities rather than follow someone else’s footsteps.

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