Be Sure, Too Much Over-Confidence is Bad For Career


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Excessive confidence will suit you sometimes, but not all the time. If you are too self-confident, then you will get the extra courage to resist this problem. There will always be someone more experienced than you, or more naturally talented than you, after-all you cannot be master of all fields. Confidence is one of the most important components of self-esteem.

Confidence can help you to take on the world with more energy and determination, you can achieve your goals without predicting, and just keep the goal in your mind and believe that you can make it sure. While some degree of confidence is essential to successful negotiations, overconfidence can be detrimental.

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According to the divine plan of life, any achievement is the result of two factors. The share of personal planning is less than 50 percent, and balance over 50% share is of external factors. Our Ego compels us to consider external 50% also as ours and we thank our obsession for awarding success; it is this fact that makes an excessive self-confidence in this world.

Self-confidence is an important attribute. You have to trust yourself. You must have the confidence to plan your course of action without thinking or forgetting.  In the end, we do not know how much time we have left. Forgetfulness is human nature, death is certain but we tend to forget and this is how our own nature make us stray from our true mission of life.

Confidence is good, but over-confidence is bad. Overconfidence is like going on a long trip without proper map or GPS and refusing to ask for directions if someone gets lost along the way. Confidence is utmost important in life for everyone, but when a person becomes over-confident, he takes great risks, because he is beyond his ability to successfully solve. It is like when a person who thinks he is invaluable to his employer when almost anyone could actually do his job. It's like fighting against the laws of nature. Why does a person become over-confident? The reason lies in the excessive evaluation of its strengths, capabilities. Sometimes people highly appreciate their competence and are immersed in situations that can not be controlled.

It is a very simple avoid the track of over-confidence. Before making a decision, objectively discuss the issue with other people who are well informed and if it is proven that you are stepping in the wrong direction, accept the reality and your mistake. Excessive self-confidence is a common defect in the nature of almost all humans.

The virtue of modesty makes you realistic - a person who shrinks to size. Such people usually take care before taking any action, they take into account all the factors in any situation that they need, and carefully assess the risks involved.

Wrong people remain in their thoughts. They know themselves, but they do not know others. Within their own attitude, they can not rely on other people's experiences. With slight changes, we can say that a self-confident person sees the rule. But taking a risk must be a well-calculated move, otherwise, it could lead to disaster.

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Confidence is the basis for success. It can be characterized as a belief in the ability to succeed. Confident people face their fears and are prone to risk. Confidence is a state of mind, like positive thinking, practice, learning, knowing and communicating with other people.

There is a step between trust and self-confidence, and this is hard work. To a lesser degree, there is a lot of self-confidence. But it basically becomes the reason for someone's waste. That's why everyone should be proud of themselves, not over-confident.

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