Why is it Difficult to Understand a Woman?

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As it was once said in the story ‘The Postmaster’ by Rabindranath Tagore “no one can fathom the feelings of a woman”. Well, it is indeed difficult to understand what makes it so difficult for men to understand the girls. There are many things that can actually make it difficult for any person to understand the other. But most of the time men complain that it is difficult to understand women and that it is a daunting task for them to make any sense out of it. So here is our small guide that demonstrates the general problem faced by the men and how to face it like a pro.

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1. Women do not stick to one topic:

Most of the time men say that women are always on the run and they are indeed right. By nature, most women are good at multitasking and they like to do their stuff on the go, As a result of their thoughts also have drastic shifts. In this case, men can think of either providing a calm period so that the women can take a back seat, relax and focus on the common topic or you cope up with her pace.

2. They just do not listen to you:

Many times it may feel like that she does not listen to your advice and always does the opposite of what you ask her to do or instruct. Well, in reality, it is never that way all the time. Most of the time, they already have made their decisions and they just ask you in order to confirm what she believes is right. But if any disagreement occurs, then just like you, she is also ready to carry out her own decisions alone.

3. Woman minds are easily distracted by beautiful stuff:

Many men just do not understand the logic of why women get so easily distracted by handsome men or beautiful and cute stuff so easily. There is no logical explanation to it but it is better you digest this fact the easier your life will become. This may sound as something offensive, but the same is also true of the other gender too, and so it is better to accept this fact.

4. Getting friend-zoned:

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Men try their level best to attract the attention of the girl they desire, but most of the time they fail to do so. Women sometimes unknowingly become too friendly and flirty when they are actually just trying to be playful. People just grab those messages as a sign of flirt and think that the girl is in love when there is nothing like that.

Although there are many more queries that come into the mind of men but just like a girl is word infinity so its explanation. For right now it provides a glimpse into what women think in general and what you can do about to improve your understanding a bit better.
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