13 Mind-Blowing Facts About China That Everyone Must Know!

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With its massive population and huge economic infrastructure, at this moment, China is one of the fascinating countries in the world. Being the second-largest and the highest populated country, we can extract the point that China uses a tremendous amount of world resources and they also have an enormous number of billionaires in their list. So, let us indulge a bit about this captivating country and discuss some of the mind-blowing facts about China, which every Indian must know.

13 Facts About China

China Cuts 20 Million Trees Each And Every Year To Meet The Demands Of Their Chopsticks

Total 80 billion pairs of chopsticks are made in China and from the trees, from where they craft these chopsticks are almost 20 years old.

You Can Loop Around The Earth Twice If You Measure The Length Of The Railway Tracks Of China

With 93000 kilometers long railway track, you can loop around the earth twice, the circumference of which is 40075 kilometers.

The Weight Of The Coal Reserve Of China Is As Much As 575 Million Blue Whales

China has the world’s third largest coal reserve, which weighs around 115 billion tons. 46% of the global coal production is under the accounts of China, and they are also accountable for 49% of the global coal consumption.

1 Million People Of China Die Due To Smoking, Every Year

Smoking is a big issue in China. According to the world health organization, by the end of 2050, smoking will kill 3 million people in China every year.

Can You Visualize 1.24 Billion Olympic Size Swimming Pools? Well, That Is The Natural Gas Reserve Of China

With 109.3 trillion cubic feet, China has a vast amount of natural gas in its palate. It is the thirteenth largest natural gas reserves in the world.

The Annual Instant Noodles Consumption Of China Is Enough To Feed The Whole Algeria Country Three Meals A Day, Regularly For A Year

According to some studies, China consumes 4.25 billion packs of instant noodles a year, whereas the population of Algeria is 38.7 million.

If You Can Imagine The Weight Of 5200 Eiffel Towers, Then You Can Also Imagine The Amount Of Pork That China Consumes

The weight of the Eiffel tower is 10000 tons, and China consumes 52 billion tons of pork each and every year.

If You Can Combine The Money Of The Top 20 Wealthiest People In China, It Will Becomes $145.1 Billion, Which Is More Than The GDP Of Hungary

$124 billion is the nominal GDP of Hungary.

More Than The Population In Saudi Arabia, Chinese People Live In The Caves, Which Is Around 30 Million

Still now, more than 30 million people in China live in caves, which are located in the Shaanxi province. Xi Jinping, the current president of China, used to live in caves during the time of the Cultural Revolution.

Datang District, Also Known As Sock City, Produces 8 Billion Pairs Of Socks Each Year

Eight billion pairs of socks are produced from the Datang city annually, which is equivalent to two pairs of socks for each person living on this planet.

Compared To The U.S.A. Suicide Rate Of China Is Almost Double

Per 100,000 people, China witnesses 22.2 deaths, and on the other hand U.S.A. witnesses same amount of suicide cases per 100,000 people.

It Has Been Observed That China’s Consumer Spending Will Be Tripled By 2020

According to the studies Chinese consumer spending is about to rise from $2.03 trillion to $6.18 trillion within 2020. With the whopping $245 billion, China will become the top global market.

China Is Home To Half Of The Pigs In The World

Well, it is not a very surprising fact because China is the largest consumer of pork in the world. And for that reason, half of the pigs of the world are residing in the land of China. So, these are some of the enthralling facts about China, which every Indian must know. Thus, go through the above-written points very precisely.
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