IAF Hits 3 PAK Terror Regions in POK - Live Updates

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India has taken revenge of Pulwama attack and killed approximate 300 Terrorists by air strike made by Indian Air Force in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. According to sources 1000 Kg Payload was dropped on each region by fighter jets and 12 Mirage 2000 crossed the LOC to carry out such a huge attack in deep down in Pakistan. Main target of strike was to destroy JeM bases.

Cabinet has been called for emergency meeting at PM Modi's residence and PM is meeting with Arun Jaitely, Sushma Swaraj, Indian defence minister, Rajnath Sinh NSA Ajit Dowal and other important mister to do the assessment of entire operation which has happened.

Devendra Fadnavis Has Said: "I Am Proud Of Indian Army".
According to bharatwa sources High level meeting is already underway in Pakistan and Pakistan authorities have given confused response on this however Pak media has confirmed the same.

Pakistani Major General Asif Ghafoor announced the violation, via his official Twitter account and said:
Indian Air Force violated Line of Control. Pakistan Air Force immediately scrambled. Indian aircrafts gone back. Details to follow.
Under rapid action strike three JeM terror camps were decimated: Balakot Terror camp, Chakothi Terror Camp and Muzaffarabad Terror Camp. Preparation of strike has started around 7-8 days back and satellite imagery and radar system were used facilitate the precise attack.

It was first time ever that Indian air force crossed the territory in past 4 decades. It was too late for pakistani air force to realise the magnitude of Indian strike and pakistan radars were also fooled by low altitude flights. This decision was taken by great risk assessment and NSA played very crucial role with regards to the knowledge of terror launch pads and security assessment.
  • It is said that JeM chief Masood Azhar used to visit these places quite frequently.
  • Balakot strike was done on 3:45AM, Muzaffarabad at 3:48 AM and then at next base.
  • This was a shallow air strike and objective was not to target civilians or any infrastructure of pakistan. It was not the attack on sovereignty of Pakistan but to shock him so that he takes action against terror groups operating from his soil.
  • Pakistan is not going to escalate this in the same way it did during previous strike.
  • Message is loud clear that if you will not take action then India will take care in your soil. India has shown the national resolve that we are capable and we have done this.
According To India's foreign Secretory VK Gokhale:

JeM was attempted for many suicidal attacks and therefore preemptive strike became absolutely necessary. Therefore large number of Senior and Junior Jaish Commanders, trainers and trainees were killed. This non military action was targeted on JeM camp in Balakot which was headed by Maulana Usuf Ajahar, it was far away from civilian habitation. We expect that Pakistan lives up its public commitment and holds the terrorists accountable for their action.
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