A Psychedelic Retreat In Netherlands


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Have you ever wondered about getting away from daily life and embracing a magical phenomenon? Yes, this is possible in the Netherlands. You will walk into soul side journey with the help the active Psychedelic called Psilocybin, which are available, both in the form of a mushroom as well as Truffles.

The journey starts with a group of people who belong to different backgrounds from all around the world, coming together to find themselves in the journey afar. The experience is rather out worldly because the journey lasts for six hours and the travel takes you to dimensions.

The Mind Explorers: A Psychedelic Weekend

People with different stories and backgrounds come and talk about their lives, going back to their pasts and seeking for something that is missing in them. Like life is a journey and there are questions that anyone can have to themselves, some questions that are still unanswered.


The Psychedelic Explorer's Guide

We keep trying to seek out the best in ourselves and to make sure that all we reach the place that we want to. Sometimes it is not enough with therapy and yoga and maintaining peace within, but it is about something profound and absolute. It is about finding the perfect balance in life, and we keep running after that.

There are many such substances that people can consume to get to that distance in the journey, but Psilocybin does her best to keep you aware of your entire trip.

What Does Psychonaut Mean?

The “Psychonaut” is a person who uses various psychedelic substances to explore consciousness. The Psychedelics helps a person open up and helps them explore the minds in several ways than one.

There are multiple ways that a person can consume these Psychedelics, but here the Psilocybin is used in the form of a tea that they have to consume in order to travel the beautiful dimensions of our mind.

Why do you want to legalize Psychedelics?

Psychedelics have the potential to be used for medical purposes, and that is the reason why it has to be legal. People can simply do a lot with the help of these psychedelics as they are initiators of opening up your mind to different worlds where one can experience all emotions one after the other. 

Many people enjoy the trip and talk about their experiences of fear, happiness, and joy with a virtual essence of it. There is absolutely no track of reality, and the mind goes through different layers of emotions.

The Psychedelics can simply be a cure for opening your minds and getting your head out. It can be the best experience for you, and you must do it in the right dosage.

The Psychedelic Experience

People also share grave experiences of death where a car and other strange experiences hit one jumps of a building, a cliff, but all of this can happen only when there is a wrong dosage involved.

  1. One can simply see shapes, colors, void.
  2. Many things are responsible to cope with one’s mind, and if you are going to have an appropriate trip, then you have to gather the courage to travel and set yourself free.

Mushrooms Are Major Psychedelics In The World

The journey is not about how much you can consume; you just have to make sure that you come fully prepared for the trip. The mushrooms are one of the major Psychedelics in the world for more reasons they are natural as you can consume them. They can give you the best feeling in the world, and you can just have an inner awakening of peace with it.

The best way to get a complete experience is to understand, analyze from research and ask yourself why you want to do it.

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