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Impact of China’s Aggression - America to Recalibrate Defence Alliances

10-Years back there was no country in the world who could even think to challenge America’s Supremacy, even Russia was hesitant and intrinsically reluctant, but today China, Brazil, European Union, and India are emerging as Superpowers and occupying their

Imagining World War III Scenario Amidst Rising & Established Superpowers

days of exploitation are gone now. Today there are not only America and Russia but many bosses and each boss is ready for fighting in their own boxing ring

Why China is in a Great Shock after Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un?

Beijing calls Trump the wisest emperor, however, such words always come from experienced diplomacy and not necessarily reveal their actual thinking.

NSA Ajit Doval's Secret Plan: Ease Doklam Stand-off But Prepare for War

China and India- A War of Giants cannot be afforded by world and also Facing two-front war scenario with Pakistan & China need a secret plan.