Why China is in a Great Shock after Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un?


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Beijing calls Trump the wisest emperor, however, such words always come from experienced diplomacy and not necessarily reveal their actual thinking. Everyone is aware that Beijing is alarmed by Trump's "Trade War with China" or reconsidering China as Ally, and closer ties between America and North Korea can cut China's size before the international community, after all, it will lose one negotiating point.

The President of the United States of America, also known to many as the guy with the mission to make America great again, is often the center of a million controversies. From his unconventional statements to his straightforward actions, Donald J. Trump is prone to discussions that involve things we couldn’t imagine happening. 

Naturally, one of them is his meeting with the leader of one of the most notorious nations of Eastern Asia, North Korea. After meeting with Kim Jong-Un Trump said he "absolutely" will invite Kim to the White House. Mr. Trump said he thinks the summit went "better than anybody could have expected."

With Kim, Summit world has taken a step back from nuclear catastrophe. Korea has been divided since 1945, thanks to the Cold War. The Korean War has just resulted in an agreement and not a peace treaty. The situation worsened, even more, when American troops started surfacing on the soil of South Korea. North Korea, on the other hand, started its nuclear testing acclaiming to be the next nuclear superpower.

World media took this by shock and painted an image of a hostile North Korea capable of mass destruction of any country or state it pleases. Personalities went on to call it ‘an evil state’. Contrary to popular notion, North Korea did provide information on its nuclear strength and was removed from the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism by UN. 

But this did not stop North Korea from testing and bettering its nuclear arsenal, which led to increasing conflict between the two neighbors. The Supreme Leader, Kim-Jong-un pledged to make North Korea the ultimate nuclear-powered nation when he rose to power in 2011.

But things escalated, particularly in 2017, South Korea had its new government with the agenda to make peaceful relations with their northern brothers. But North Korea went full rogue, testing missiles and hydrogen bombs which have the range as far as any city in the entire U.S.A, which was condemned by nations and people alike. 

Its repeated actions forced the UN to put it back into the list of State Sponsors of Terrorism. President Trump replied to Kim-Jong-un about his intentions by saying "any attack shall be met with fire, fury and frankly power, the likes of which the world has never seen before", bringing speculations of a possible World War 3.

If America removes 28,500 American Troops from South Korea and Halt Joint Military exercises with South Korea then this may be a point of relief for Beijing but technically in whose favor is this? Trade tensions between US and China have worsened and now it is running deeper than just trade. This can result in a prolonged economic cold war. Recently US Navy has begun patrolling in the South China Sea, which has been accompanied by B-1B Lancer Bombers. The US treats this as freedom of navigation, whereas China resolutely opposes overflights to flaunt military force and harm China's sovereignty and security.

Moving out of North Korea will save Billions of Dollars and help America to focus more on Trade War and the South China Sea. Even if China retaliates he could be a looser, it is still not on equal footing to America. US-South Korean military exercises have been very provocative and tremendously expensive and if the war happened then this could have lead America into Economic recession. 

There may not be immediate effect of America- North Korea summit, however avoiding war is surely in great favor of United States.

The year 2018 brought a new ray of hope. After the Inter-Korean Summit in April, representatives of both North and South Korea went on to travel to countries like Japan, China, and the States to offer Mr. Kim’s invitation to ‘peace’ talks. President Trump made an appointment with the Supreme Leader without delay at the North Korea-United States Summit. 

Largely focused on North Korea’s nuclear capabilities, President Trump visited Singapore with a world agenda: ensuring ‘concrete and verifiable steps’ for the process of peacemaking and de-nuclearization of the state.

North Korea, on the other hand, has its own ‘requirements’. Preliminary conditions were kept on the table where Mr. Kim demanded the dismantling of the operation of US-South Korea forces, no nuclear attack or storage on or near the Korean Peninsula by either South Korea and the U.S., and most importantly a peace treaty and diplomatic relationships with both the nations. 

While U.S.A aims at Mr. Kim’s promise to suspend the ICBM missiles, North Korea desires to have a successful diplomatic relation with the world. This will also lead to the official end of the Korean War.

This summit is by no doubt a breakthrough in the peace collaborations, especially with such an unstable nation like North Korea. Delegates and cognizant from all over the world and cultures have praised this move by Mr. Kim, bringing the East Asian state in the good books of many. The denuclearization of North Korea not only brings relief to the number of nations threatened by the diplomacy but also is a step in the right direction towards largely bettering the miserable situation around the Korean Peninsula.

This also opens trade possibilities, better standards of living and the better economy for the People’s Republic. Many have compared this to the Libyan de-nuclearization 13 to 14 years ago, but in fact are optimistic regarding the chances of this happening. One of them is by, of course, President Trump. In his farewell comments at the G-7 Summit in Charlevoix, Canada, he had expressed hope and optimism towards the deal. This Summit has also surfaced quite a lot of skeptics largely because of the doubtful nature of the North Korean dictator.

The National Security Advisor, John R. Bolton went on to say that the meeting can last not more than a jiffy, if not prepared for serious discussion. Mr. Kim surprisingly announced that they didn’t need the nuclear arsenal and testing site anymore, days before his meeting with South Korean President Moon Jae-in. Critics and skeptics took this revelation with both satisfaction and wariness. Analysts are divided over the Supreme Leaser’s motives.

Some think that Mr. Kim just wanted to use negotiations to buy time and get more sanction over, never intending to abandon his nuclear arsenal. But there are others that say Mr. Kim might ultimately relinquish his nuclear armory if he were give supplied with all the requirements posted by the North Korean delegacy. Some people have also questioned the state of the arsenal to be completely eradicated or just suspended which is far from de-nuclearization.

Certainly, questions were raised by Japanese officials, which North Korea has threatened with missile strikes since long. The Defense Minister deemed the move as “not sufficient” as it did not clearly emphasize the conditions pertaining to the suspension of the short and mid-range missiles that threaten Japan.

President Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong Un have ended their summit by signing a historic agreement. In the joint declaration, Kim pledges to “work towards the complete denuclearization of the Korean Peninsula”; in return, President Trump “commits to provide security guarantees to North Korea.” 

The North Korean Summit certainly offers a better tomorrow for the thousands living in the Korean Peninsula. Nations and States have all the opportunity to avoid a future war. Is it for a world agenda? Or is a handshake between the most notorious dictator and President of the States? If deals will be efficiently implemented or not, time will only be able to tell.

Kim Jong-un's meeting with Xi Jinping affirmed that China was pulling the strings in North Korea, post this America had canceled the summit however everyone knows that North Korea has always been a puppet of China.

China's entire population was within the range of North Korea's long-range Taepodong-2 missile still he wasn't concerned. There was a reason for its pathetic and relaxed reaction which we all know. Later it finally clamped down on North Korea Trade and impact was worrying for Kim Jong Un. In the outer sense this may appear the result of UN sanctions but deep down to Kim, this could have appeared selfishness of China towards North Korea. This may be economic pain that persuaded North Korean leader Kim Jong Un to change its nuclear strategy but it has damaged North Korea- China relationships to a great extent which may or may not come to the same shape again. If Pyongyang opens for America then surely both will gain something, and even if Chinese trade will reopen still China will lose something. It will lose that partner who was ready to die for him and will be left with only one Puppet, “Pakistan”.

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