This is How India is Superpower Now: Know India's Military Capabilities


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We are in the year 2017 but still, in reality, there is only one superpower in this world and that is the United States of America, no country is 2nd or third to him, he himself holds one to ten, rest all including China and Russia comes thereafter only. The US can eradicate all nations on this planet and can still survive next invasion. But still, US has only contributed violence and unrest in all parts of the world.

The US is the superpower but still it is an insecure nation, he wants to use India against America, but it does mean that India is lightweight as India is definitely closing the gap over the years. India is expanding and modernizing army, we are no more depending on weapon import only but have developed strong indigenous defense industry.

No doubt that America is the military superpower of the world but India is Superpower in missile technology who is ready to make world rethink of his new role in accordance with his rebuilt stature.

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Why India's Nuclear Missile Tests Are Giving Sleepless Nights To China?

World should fear India's Nuclear weapons as today if enraged she can target most part of globe and because China considers India his enemy, therefore, he is bound to get sleepless nights since he could be the easiest target with new capabilities and weapons of mass destruction.

The defense technologies and weapons in India are undergoing massive developments with every passing day. The defense technologies of India are very efficient and can be relied upon during any war. India has weapons that are capable of causing mass destruction. Earlier these weapons were in the form of chemical weapons, but at present, they are in the form of nuclear weapons. India has not given any formal statement about the nuclear arsenal’s size, but it is assumed to possess 110 weapons.

Circumstances are Conceivable in Which India Might Find it Useful to Strike Nuclear Weapons First and Not Be Sticking to Policy of ‘ No First Use (NFU)’

The nation has signed Chemical Weapons Convention as well as Biological Weapons Convention. It also enjoys membership in the Missile Technology Control Regime. In spite of possessing nuclear proud, India maintains a policy that states that India will use nuclear weapons only in occasions of retaliation. India will never be the first one to strike a nuclear attack. The decision to use the nuclear weapons will be authorized by the prime minister.

Although India is not immediately changing its policy on no first use of nuclear weapons but still in today's world scenario when most of the nations are following just selfish policies and suppressing others, India may abandon 'no first use' nuclear policy also.

India Missile Tests: Wake Up Call to World

When India can deliver nuclear warhead to Beijing and Shanghai i.e. at the distance up to 5000 Km then reaching 8,000 Km or 12000 Kms is also not difficult rather very easy or perhaps India has already achieved that ability but not disclosed for reasons of diplomatic maneuvering.

The Indian Army controls the land-based ballistic missiles. At present these are of three types—the Agni 1, the Agni 2, Agni 3 and there is one more which is Prithvi missile family’s army variant- the Prithvi 1. The other variants from the series of Agni missile family are still under development which includes the latest ones named as the Agni 4 and Agni 5. 

The estimated range of Agni 4 is 4000km whereas that of Agni 5 is 5500-6000 km. Agni 6 is also under development and has an estimated range of 8000-12000 km. the latest one is going to have some special features like MARV( Maneuverable Reentry Vehicles) or MIRVs (Multiple Independently Targetable Reentry Vehicles).

Fire From The Sky: India Has Most Deadly Air Forces In Asia

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The air-based defense technologies of India are also under rapid development. Indian Air Force’s SEPECAT Jaguars and the Dassault Mirage 2000s have ground attack roles. However, it is believed that they have the capability for providing a role of the nuclear strike as well. The SEPECAT Jaguar is considered to be suitable for the Indian Air Force for the delivery of nuclear weapons of India. It was designed for the purpose of carrying and deploying of nuclear weapons.

With Most Dangerous Destroyers, Warships Indian Navy is most lethal Sea Force of World

The Indian Navy is also very powerful coming up with latest technologies for ensuring the defense of the nation. The Indian navy has come up with two nuclear-armed sea-based ballistic missiles. The first one is a submarine launching system that consists of approximately six thousand tons missile submarines belonging to the Arihant Class. INS Arihant is the first-ever submarine that is nuclear powered built by India.

All of the submarines will get armed to twelve Sagarika (K-15) missiles which possess nuclear warheads. There are mainly three sea-based nuclear-armed ballistic missiles in India. They are Dhanush which is a short range one of 350 km and has been inducted. The second one is the already mentioned Sagarika (K-15) with a maximum range of 700 km which awaits its deployment on the INS Arihant. The third one is K-4 which has a maximum range of 3500 km which is tested.

Thus the defense technologies of India are well developed and modern in the air, land as well as the sea to make every Indian proud of the defense system of the nation.

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