Imagining World War III Scenario Amidst Rising & Established Superpowers


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No one wants to lose anything in battlefield or want to have scars of war on their faces but still, everyone wants to dominate globe, and when it comes on world scenario then people become more diplomatic, they use indirect language, language of power balance, their words are sugary but intention behind is exploitation of others, they display themselves as server of humanity but leading world to graveyard.

But, days of exploitation are gone now. Today there are not only America and Russia but many bosses and each boss is ready for fighting in their own boxing ring, those new self-declared powers want to challenge the whole previous system, the hegemony of old superpowers, they want to challenge the whole game of exploitation, want to reshape relationship with friends and foes.

Forget the pygmies like North Korea, Pakistan or the Philippines, we are talking about new Super Powers i.e. China, India, France, etc., and their war scenarios with old Big Bosses like America and Russia.

Modern Warfare is Thousand Times Lethal Than Ancient Warfare

Traditionally, the wars or battles used to be fought on the battlefields, where the combatants would usually fight face to face, or some may be riding horses, using the handheld arms like swords or spears. Some would be riding horses or elephants - at least in the Indian sub-continent.

In old war stories, we often find that the commanders and higher-level warriors would ride chariots driven by horses, but in today's high-tech world those images can be seen in Hollywood and Bollywood movies only.

In Old days fate of the warring armies used to depend upon the wisdom and caliber of their leadership, numbers of troops, their training and morale, and such basic factors. The type and numbers of their steads like horses, or elephants - in Indian sub-continent, and victory used to belong to the brave.

Gradually, the valor gave way to planning, and at times, to cunning and treachery. Then, came the malicious product called gunpowder, which made it possible for even a coward to win the battles.

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Modern science has given rise to numbers of options that may be used by the nation-states in wars. Now we have warships, fighter aircraft, bombs, rockets, missiles, and projectiles of various kinds. There are submarines, torpedoes, drones, field guns, bazookas, tanks and robots on the ground.

Now the outcome of wars does not depend on valor, but on the numbers of missiles and rockets one can launch against the adversary, the number of bombers it may send the enemy lines, the number of stealth machines like submarines one has and as the world in WW 2 saw, the war can be won by the number of nuclear bombs one has and has the shamelessness to use it in a war.

World Wars Are Nothing But Episodes Of Death, Destruction, & Human Suffering

War can do all evil that any devil mind could think of. It leads to immoral acts, murder of innocents, intentional or accidental apocalypse, destroys the environment, erodes our liberties, drains economy for decades, promotes inequality, etc.

As of today, we are familiar with the cold war that was on between USA and USSR (now Russia) during much of the time after the WW 2, right up to the 1990s – till the USSR finally disintegrated. In the last few decades, China has emerged as another formidable power on the face of the globe.

Imagine if these nations go to war, and what kind of weaponry they might use against their enemies.

  • The USA, the oldest and believed to be the strongest of the three, has a plethora of weapons and it has already shown that it will not hesitate to use the nuclear option if it feels cornered at any time.
  • Russia, the remnant of the USSR - the old communist regime, had held out against the mighty USA for almost 5 decades and has huge war machinery, including a large stockpile of conventional and nuclear weapons. On its own, Russia may not like to wage a war because of its weak financial health, but if cornered, Russia has enough strengths to hold off even a powerful enemy like the USA or China.
  • China, the new power on the block, is the most surreptitious of all and not much is known about its war preparedness. Besides, it being a closed country, the absence of democracy without a free press, being ruled by the communist regime and its military might, make it the most fearsome and scary state.

How the U.S. Army Plans to Go to War Against Russia and China

Although Chinese have absolutely no chance to win America in a full-fledged war however it can certainly do devastating blow to the United States and If Russia joins hands with China then this can slim chances for America to win.

All the three states have their own versions of cruise missiles, fighter aircrafts capable of carrying nuclear bombs, fleets of warships, guns and tanks, and drones that may be used in a war scenario. Lastly, strong states may also use the dominance of information or psychological warfare to their advantage. We saw an example of psychological warfare when the USA attacked Iraq by spreading the myth of WMD to justify its invasion against a sovereign state.

In the end, no WMD was found. Still, history has time and again shown that war can’t be a means to solve the problems. Despite its huge war machinery, the USA came out of Vietnam with its pride diminished. USSR (Russia) had to bite the dust in Afghanistan.

China too could not subjugate Vietnam when it tried. USA Today looks like a fool both in Iraq and Afghanistan and is now looking for ways to extricate itself with some dignity.

America to Re-think & Redesign His Strategies Amid Many Superpowers

There was a time when only America was considered to be a superpower. The economic, as well as the military superiority of America, was something that awed the world. But at present, many new superpowers have emerged. With the advent of these super-powerful countries, the probability of witnessing a third world war is not something that can be ruled out.

The competition for acquiring more and more might grow or lead to world peace thereby resulting in a new beautiful future world. India is seen as a rising powerhouse of the economy. China at present is already considered to be a superpower.

However, by 2030, it is assumed that India will the height that China is at present. The gap between the economic growths of the two nations at that time is likely to reduce. As the rate of economic growth in India increases, it is predicted that the rate of economic growth in China will gradually slow down.

With the rise of such superpowers, it is assumed that by 2030, in case of a tectonic shift, Asia will surpass the global power acquired by Europe and North America combined in the field of population size, military size, and technological investment. China alone will have the hugest of economies and will overtake that of the United States some years before 2030.

Other than the presently emerging powers like Brazil, India, and China, many other second-tier powers will emerge who will make for regional powerful leaders in the future.

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Russia is a potential future superpower with the second-largest military power in the world. The economy is suffering a setback at present due to the fall in the price of gas and oil. However, it is assumed that the economy will bloom in the coming years with the betterment of agriculture.

Russia’s economy is an innovative ranking 12th in the world. The United States has been the prime superpower that the Asian countries have relied upon for a long time now. However, with the rising power in China, it no longer wants to live under the leadership of America.

China wishes to see itself as the superpower of Asia. Though hardly any of the Asian countries are willing to live under the shadow of China because the American leadership has worked great for them, also America still has upper hand over others. Both America and China are not ready for confrontation, however.

But each of the sides assumes that the opponent will back out. This has created a war like situation greatly and the trends are highly negative. This might lead to the most dangerous showdown of superpowers the world has ever witnessed!

Russia’s Mach 8 Hypersonic Zircon Missile, India’s Mach 5 Brahmos-II Missile, Which Direction The World Is Heading?

As was long-awaited, Russia has successfully test-fired Zircon Missile, which is a hypersonic cruise missile. Its range is expected to be 135 to 270 nautical miles, however, if fired in a semi-ballistic trajectory then its range will be almost double.

It will be used in all launching versions and fields. India is on the way to develop Brahmos II with the help of Russia which could also be a milestone and a challenge to world defense hegemony.

Are We Heading Towards World War III

If you ask any wise man he will say no. Keep distance from media, stop watching news channels and you will find that it is peace and prosperity which is prevailing every day. Technology has reached to that extent that any war would be suicidal.

Great powers like China, USA, India, Russia, France, and Britain have such magical weapons that if few of these are engaged then total annihilation of the country would be inevitable. But Hey! unfortunately, it is not only wise people who are leading nations there are some stupids also.

Problems may arise when there are more than one superpowers in the world. Dating back to history, we have seen that in occasions of collisions between great empires, bloody wars resulted. The same will happen when superpowers collide. The tension in the world is already rising. Let us just hope it does not rise enough to trigger a third world war. Therefore it is being whispered that tussle between Kim Jong-un and Donald Trump could start World War III.

It is very hard to ignore tensions between Egypt and Israel, Turkey, and Russia, Pakistan, and India, China, and the USA, Russia, and America, Iran with Saudi Arabia, burning the Philippines and many more, what kind of shape it will take will really determine the fate of humanity on this planet.

If the superpowers unite then the world may become heaven and if they engage in a war then the world may go back to the ancient stone age again.

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