12 Reasons Why Your Personality may be Impaired


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Do you sometimes feel that you are being ignored by someone? Is someone feeling extremely uncomfortable in your company? Have you observed that some people get a warm welcome and you are not one among the few? If anyone of the above is applicable to YOU, it is time to ponder over seriously to rectify your personality. The intermittent and occasional incidents are the beginning signs to give a serious introspection. If you could keep the following dozen points in view, there is every possibility of improving your personality.

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  1. Attitude: Your attitude during the discussions with the people around you makes them feel uncomfortable. Be positive and open-minded while in conversation with everyone. It, however, does not mean that you should not comment on anything. Be realistic in offering suggestions and the criticism also should be constructive rather than hurting someone’s feelings and esteem.
  2. Non-accomplishment of goals: If you are consistent in failure to achieve the goals, probably it is time to review the goals set forth. It might be possible you are trying to chew more than what you can swallow. Alternatively, your plan of action is fraught with some deficiencies. Whether it is commission or omission, it is time you should modify the course of action and the plan of execution.
  3. Inconsistency: If you promised someone something, say it with commitment. If you promise only superficially, it does not take you long. People loathe the inconsistency in your promise and the actual action, however small the promise is. If you have no intention of accomplishing the promise, you might rather say “No”. People take you seriously only when you keep up your word.
  4. Bad Show: You might have prepared a good content in the presentation. But your rehearsal or the homework is not good in presenting the point to the audience; it results in a bad show. Make a thorough preparation and take down some points and also jot down the probable queries the audience might pose at the end of the presentation.
  5. Time Management: This is one of the important features many people ignore. Though the goal and the path are good enough, you should be able to prioritize your time. Do not clutter your day with all the trivial and avoidable things of little importance. This would rob your valuable time and you will not find time to accomplish the main task. It is advisable to have a “Things to do” list on a daily basis. You can highlight the order of importance among the items and strike off the items completed.
  6. Blaming Others: Please remember that it does not augur well for the leader to blame others for the failure. The managers who blame others for the failure would not be able to go with the teams and one day they might find themselves isolated. When you guide the team, you should feel the responsibility to own the failure and success equally.
  7. Incompatible Group: As a prudent adult, you should identify yourself with the right-minded people so that the entire group becomes homogenous. The moment you feel you are an odd man out in the group, look back and see whether you are the odd man or the group itself is not compatible with your way of thinking. The group of persons you mingle with should encourage you in achieving your goals.
  8. Indecisiveness: Procrastination of a decision causes further damage to the entire plan since time is the essence for execution of a job. However, keep a backup plan in case of the decision is not working in the direction you envisaged.
  9. No, Clarify on the Goal: Ask a person what his goal is: He has an answer to tell you. But if you probe into the steps in achieving the goal, he is confused. This happens because there is no clarity in his goal. If you chalk down the line of action in achieving the goal, it would be easier in executing the plan with minimum hassles.
  10. Stagnating Skills: If you want to be in the mainstream, you will have to hone your skills and also update your knowledge. The technological advancement is very fast nowadays which you should not ignore if you desire to be in the limelight.
  11. Being a Copycat: You are welcome to observe everyone and improve your own qualities. If you do not have the talent, do not despair. If you try to copy someone, you will land in trouble because you do not have the capabilities of learning the intricacies of the trade.
  12. Jack of All, Master of None: Be guided by the talents and traits you are endowed with. Do not try to grab everything you come across. You will not able to achieve any of the talents unless you have a passion for it. Try to bring out the talent where you would excel and master the skill. If you want recognition as a leader in the society, it is time to rate yourself among the above features. If you are honest and sincere, at least you will be one-up among equals, if not on the top of the ladder.

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