12 Traits That Help You To Realize Your Dreams!


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Do you really feel that those who achieved the success are just the persons with extraordinary luck behind them? If you observe the life of those successful leaders, you will realize that everyone has certain traits, some inborn and some acquired. If you imbibe the combination of the following dozen traits, the chances of achieving success are high.

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Motivation is what inspires you and the passion keeps you at the altar of success. Unless you love the profession, you cannot achieve success. The commitment and the zeal with you pursue your goal would enhance the chances to overtake others in the market. Therefore, choose the profession, what is close to your heart.


If you are serious in achieving the goals, you need to break-down the goals into smaller goals with the definite timeline. Those smaller goals could be further subdivided into tasks. You can prioritize the “What to do” list on a daily basis. 

You need to highlight the items which cannot be missed completing for the day. The review of daily and periodic activities and tasks will give you the impetus in accomplishing the goal.

Time Management

: There is no denying, that time is a very precious and scarce resource. In the book of life, you do not have the chance of going back to the earlier page. Therefore, avoid concentrating on trivial matters and utilize the time for productive activities. Everyone has only 24 hours a day, but successful persons can achieve the goal of professional time management.

Enhance Reading Habits:

Updating your knowledge with the latest information would keep you ahead of the competitors. Being a voracious reader, you have the advantage of acquiring the latest techniques of business or otherwise. 

You should inculcate the habit of reading at least seven hours a day. It is no exaggeration that the successful leaders read about 50 new books in a year.


Supervision at a micro-level would spoil your time in the concentration of more significant tasks essential for achieving the goals. The better option would be to delegate the routine tasks to the extent feasible and only oversee the tasks and review the tasks delegated to the lower rung people and you can concentrate on the policy matters.

Good Etiquettes:

Whether it is a social get-together or corporate meetings or any other informal events, you need to develop good manners and etiquettes to be successful. The social events like the birthdays or the wedding anniversaries of the team members and some close members around you also are beneficial. 

The team members would feel very happy to receive the wishes and greetings on such occasions and the members have the sense of belonging to the organization.

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Maintain Fitness:

To keep you active in multi-tasking, you need to be physically and mentally fit. This is only possible with a regular physical exercise like going to the gym or playing any games of your interest. You will not only feel fresh mentally but also energized to undertake any physical activity during the course of the day.

Ready to take Risk:

You should remember that being in the comfort zone would not take you beyond that certain level. If you are serious about reaching the top of the ladder, you need to take some calculated risk. Unless you sail on the high seas facing rough weather and high tides, you would not reach another continent.

Be a Turtle:

If taking high risks is not your blood, at least be a turtle, who manage to accomplish things in a slow but steady manner. Being a “chicken entrepreneur” allows you in achieving the goals. But remember not to stagnate at the same place. Running water never accumulates moss. This is true in every sphere of life---be it business or any other profession.

Compassion and Empathy:

Learn to develop compassion for the fellow human beings. By respecting the esteem of others and being empathetic towards others, you can win the hearts of others and command more respect from them. Such persons would be ready to sacrifice anything for you in the long run.

Accept the Responsibility:

The leader would get the laurels in case of successful accomplishment of the goal. At the same time, you should be ready to accept the failure also and take full responsibility. Blaming others for the failure does not augur well for a leader.

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Accept the Change:

You should not forget that change is the only permanent thing in the world. Whether it be the newest technology and the innovations in the business field; should be embraced with grace. Unless you adapt yourself to the change, the day of your washing away to the shore are not distant. 

Though everyone is not a born-leader, many persons have achieved the success simply by developing the above traits. It is not difficult if you sincerely make a beginning of developing the traits those motivate you.

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