Audiobooks are Now On Sale From Google Play Store

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Bharatwa Editor
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For several years, the Google Play Store has sold around all types of media, but there is another category that the company is now recruiting audiobooks. As the image appeared a few days ago, audiobooks are now sold on Google Play in 45 countries and in nine languages.

Like most other Google services, audiobooks are available on almost any device you'd like to use: Android, iOS, the Internet and Google Home. To play the book on your phone, you need to download the Google Play Books app, which until now was only for text options.

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If you are a fan of using Google Assistant, you can simply say "Hey, Google, read my book", and your phone or speaker will continue to read the most recent book you are listening to. And your location in the book will be synchronized between devices, so you do not have to find your place when listening to multiple devices.

In addition to the expected ubiquity of devices and platforms, audiobooks will also be available without a subscription. The Audible service from Amazon allows you to do the same, although the company pushes people very hard to subscribe for $ 15 per month. (No wonder, many Audible books cost above $ 20, although there are still many deals that you need to have).

Since the Google service has just been launched, we can not yet say how the prices will be compared to Audible; given the way, books are published and pricing, we would be surprised if everything was different.

But we know that Google offers "dozens" of names for less than $ 10 in the introductory sale. Among these options is Lincoln's wild version of George Saunders in Bardot - in the audiobook there are a whopping 166 different members (including Bill Hader, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Don Cheadle, Julianne Moore, and many others), each playing differently as if they read a seven-hour play.

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If you are interested in audiobooks but have not yet bought into Audible, the Google store should be alive by the time you finish reading it. While it is difficult to understand that this corresponds to the juggernaut that Amazon has built, the ability to quickly access audiobooks from Google Assistant can be a handy feature for many people who over the past few months have picked up the Google Home speaker.
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