Walmart Joins E-Book Market through Japanese Partner

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Audio-books are a great way to listen to bestselling authors around the world and this market have grown very big now. Today there are millions of audio-books related to academics, Entertainment etc. which are available in online and offline stores.

In the Walmart stores there are modest sections of books, however, now the Walmart's company plans to expand it with digital books as it has teamed up with Japanese Rakuten to sell e-books, audiobooks, and e-books Rakuten kobo.

Walmart's Set Up A Team With Rakuten Kobo For Selling E-books

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You'll be able to purchase ebooks and audiobooks straight from Walmart's website. The large box distributor has teamed up with Japanese e-commerce giant Titan Rakuten to launch a business which will attack Amazon's Kindle offerings.

Walmart can offer kobo's library to its customers, within the U.S. Kobo is Rakuten's digital book division and its million titles from thousands of publishers. The corporate also will begin selling Kobo eReaders, which is able to set you back a minimum of $120, online and in stores someday this year.

Walmart's statement said:
E-books and audiobooks are a great addition to our assortment. Working with Rakuten Kobo enables us to quickly and efficiently launch a full e-book and audiobook catalog on to provide our customers with additional choices alongside our assortment of physical books.

Walmart stated that the kobo is totally blended into his website, therefore the versions of the books and audiobooks of the title you're searching for can seem alongside the listing of his physical book. However, you may not be able to access digital files through random applications.

You may get to use the joint applications for iOS, automation and desktop computers that Walmart and Kobo can release within the future. Though you, of course, will be able to access ebooks via e-reader Kobo. Sadly, Walmart doesn't disclose the precise schedule for launching new offers, except that it'll sell e-books before launching its audiobook.

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Walmart is just the most recent company to grab e-books and audiobooks in a very new way. Google launched a brand new audiobook section of the Play Store earlier in the week, and Apple is also renovating its iBooks app to position its iOS device. Whereas Walmart didn't offer a timeline for the discharge of kobo product in its stores.

It did state that e-books and Kobo e-readers are going to be obtainable on Walmart's website later this year and audiobooks would follow shortly thereafter.
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