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I have seen lots of beautiful relationships torn apart due to the fact that one spouse is cheating on the other. It is very daunting to see close friends having to live by their worst fear by discovering their spouse have been unfaithful and selfish to them after lots of beautiful moments shared together by the both of them.  If you are in a relationship, you need to discover the common signs that he/she is cheating before it becomes too late;

Here are the 10 obvious signs that he/she is cheating on you with another person:

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1. Regular Change of Passwords

If you ever notice that your spouse is always changing their phone, social media passwords or email every time, there are high chances that he/she is hiding something from you and don’t want you to know.

2. Social Media Profile

A cheating spouse will always make their social media profiles look “single”! As we all know, when we are talking about social media profiles we are talking about Facebook profiles, WhatsApp, etc.  Your spouse will always update solo shots thereby hiding photos of you. Also, you need to take notice if your spouse spends much amount of time on social media than normal.

3. Phone Habits

It is important to note that a good relationship is an open one without secrets. When your spouse can’t answer incoming calls in your presence, or your spouse answers the phone but immediately moves to a place that you can’t hear the conversation, then you need to “watch out!”

4. Increase or Decrease in Intimacy

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Most times, the decrease of sex becomes intense since the cheater is already getting their pleasure from another person. However, there is also a high chance that there also increase in sex as a result of guilt.

5. Cleared Phone and Chat History

One of the biggest signs that a spouse is unfaithful is when you find out that their chat history and phone history is cleared. A cheater will frequently clear all recent calls, messages, and even chats. Although your spouse may be doing this for security reasons, there is a high possibility that they are trying to “cover their tracks.”

6. Frequent Attendance at Social Activities


A cheating spouse will always love to attend social activities such as parties, clubs and so on. He/she will always try as much as possible to attract the opposite sex in these parties. If you ever notice that your spouse is always attending social gatherings all the time, they are chances that he/she might be cheating. Note that a guy’s, ladies night out or business party are commonly used to cover up tracks.

7. Increase the Extra Cost!

If it looks as if you are a little tight on money than you use to, then you need to look at where your extra money is going to. Cheaters will always love to take out cash from you to make it more difficult to track where they have spent their own money.

8. Too Much Attention to Physical Appearance

Hey! On this one, you need to be careful not to quickly jump to conclusions. Your spouse’s newfound desire to look more attractive might be as a result of trying to look smart for work or maybe trying to catch your eye. Nevertheless, you need to keep this in mind that when people look for new relationship or adventure, people normally take extra care on their physical appearance to gain the attention of the opposite sex.

9. They Blame You For Every Little Thing!

No matter how little a situation might be, a cheater will always put blames on you. If they face a situation either at work or anywhere else, they will blame you for it and make you feel lousy.

10. Frequent Gifts

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Spouses who are unfaithful will often try to cover their guilt with splurges of gifts. If you are surprised by the sudden amount of gifts your spouse is giving you, you may want to find out the motive behind it. No doubts, if you have found out four or more of the aforementioned signs in your relationship, then something strange is going on. 

It does not warrant that your spouse is caught up in an affair, but they are in the process of cheating on you. But you need to take caution on how you point accusing fingers at them. Instead, have an intimate chat with them on what is going on. If there is a problem, try your possible best to work things out with your spouse, forgive them if you can and save your marriage.

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