5 Dating Fears Guys Have At The Beginning Of Their Relationship


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Most people have different misconceptions and say women are warriors, in fact, most men fret when it comes to maintaining their relationships.

Everyone knows that when a guy meets a girl for the first time, the onus will be on him to make sure the girl is entertained and have a nice time with him; these gestures are to get the girl’s attention for the first time – this is right! There are pressures to say the right things and to get the best body language that can sweep her off her feet and give her the best vibes about you.

Well, as a man, when the girl is now yours, it mostly thought that it is her turn to worry about maintaining the relationship – this is true! Now she likes him and at this point, worries sets in about his intentions towards her. Moreover, even at this point, girls are not alone – Guys worry too!

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Here Are 5 Common Worries That Guys Have At The Start Of Their

1. Being Too Light-Headed

The guy may not make his excitement known to you, but he is because if he weren’t excited, he wouldn’t have tried to get into the relationship. As a result of this, he is optimistic about what is to come, and he cannot wait to know much about you, but he is scared that it might put you off. He might have gotten the experience of trying to know the other person, but he was quickly turned-off, making him start all the dating processes again with someone else.

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To prevent him from having the same experience with you, he may decide to hold back on some things, but how much that is held back from you depends on the guy you are on to. This is an indication that it is not only women who try to keep themselves from being hurt.

2. How Does She See Me?

The both of you are enjoying each other’s company, but they are voices inside of him saying different things like, “why does she like me?”, “Why did she choose me?” these are questions that throw him off; as a result of these questions, the guy tends not to be himself anymore, and he loses focus when he is with you.  

These questions might look like questions asked by a guy how is unsure about himself, however, this might affect some men out there. Some guys will be pondering why you find them fun to be with, as they do not think they’re that good enough!

3. Will My Friends and Family Accept Them?

When you have noticed he does like you and he is ready to be with you, there are deep thoughts that might set in concerning what his family and friends think about you. Most men do not make this a deciding factor, but it is a factor anyway!

Some men are stubborn, and they will do what they want to do, but these guys know that their life will be happy if their friends and family have along with the love of his life. He has so much respect for his family and friends due to the fact that they have been there for him, so he will always acknowledge these people’s opinions.


You may be very nervous when you get to meet his family, and it can be daunting to have people judge you, but it is important to know that your guy may be as nervous as you are of what his family and friends think about you.

4. Can I Build My Life With This Person?

Congratulations! You have passed the friend and family test; now you think if the relationship may be ,  or not. He may not try to speed-up the relationship process. Some guys will be ok with this and some will not because a long-term relationship means commitment. However because this worries him, it doesn’t mean he can’t get over these thoughts.

5. When And How To Make The Relationship Known Publicly

When and how to make the relationship known publicly is a common consideration. Some guys like to let their relationship known by announcing their relationship, while some others do not like it. The topic might be “when to make the relationship public.” 

It may look like the guy who is ready to make things go public may seem like a long-term guy, but most times, things do not come out the way it is supposed to be. Although, this can be used as an indication, most importantly, his approach to making the relationship known publicly is a reflection of how careful a guy can be.

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In conclusion, the worries of guys at the start of their relationship are common every time. It is important to know that if he shows these signs, you need to cheer him to set his attention on the happy times you both spend together.

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