What Exactly is The Meaning of True Love?

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Love is involuntary. The ancient Greeks called love "the madness of the gods." Modern psychologists define it as a strong desire for an emotional union with another person. Shakespeare said:

"Love is blind, and lovers do not see." Love consists of one soul, dwelling in two bodies. It's strange to think that almost no one knows what love is? People put so much effort to be in love, but love is effortless.

See the parents how they fall into love with their toddlers, see the tears in lover's eyes, do they need any effort? certainly not. Indeed love is not created but it happens and when it happens then it is nourishment.

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Modern psychologists define this as a strong desire for an emotional union with another person. Love means a lot of different things to different people. Love is a complex set of emotions, behaviors, and beliefs associated with a strong sense of attachment, security, warmth, and respect for the other.

Everyone wants to know what true love is, and many people think that they can feel it when it happens. Love is existential, it does not know boundaries.

Love is easier to test than to define. Our ability to feel romantic love develops in adolescence. Teenagers around the world notice a passionate sense of attraction. This is a natural part of the development of romantic feelings and sexual entertainment for others. Understand the true meaning of love through the eyes of a true lover. The definition of love is more difficult than you can imagine.

The word "love" includes different meanings depending on the user, for example, from the mother for her child, a citizen of his country and a university student for a classmate. There are many promises that are made with a desire for self-gratification. One person once asked Jesus: what would be his greatest instruction for mankind?

He replied with these words: "You should love the Lord, your God with all your heart, with all your soul, with all your mind, and with all your might, and love your neighbor as yourself."

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The love described by Jesus is a transition from egocentric comfort to compassion, centered on others. His life emphasized this love when he reached out his hand to the marginalized and attacked her, saying:

"Love your enemies." In fact, he lived to this, praying for his oppressors, even when they crucified him on the cross. The need in our time is the love of other centers. Sometimes this is the simplest question, which can be the most difficult to answer. There are five different meanings of love that are:
  1. Love cares for someone else deeply and unconditionally. Love is motivated to be the best version of yourself that you can be because you are so passionate about another person.
  2. Love means finding someone who will bring out a better version of themselves and set a better task for themselves. Someone with whom you are quite comfortable, and who knows your inside and out.
  3. Love means knowing that, no matter what, you have someone to count on. It is unconditional and makes you feel good inside. You can trust the person you love, and they are comfortable. It's like what your heart tells you is good for you. Love never hurts. It's very gentle and warm. You never give up those you love.
  4. True love is when you can completely be with another person in good and bad times. He loves each other's differences and evaluates them the way they are. Love is a feeling that something is missing when you are placed.
  5. This word is thrown more than necessary. It is more than a simple word and can have many meanings. Just to name a few: trust, commitment, best friends, communication, willingness, arguments, and tenderness.

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