What Indian Men Want in A Women: Kindness Or Attractiveness?


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The old notions of marriage and “settling down” are laughable. Today in the age of Tinder (and Grindr and Bumble and Match and Happn…oh you know more about it), it seems silly to talk about finding The One. Yet in the series of dates, we are definitely looking for some traits, some quirks that don’t just catch our eye but tug at our heartstrings. What does really hope hard that our date will have while we wait impatiently at the pub for them to turn up?

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Looks, looks, looks

Yes, it is still a superficial world. Let us face it; we are going to swipe right on a snap, isn’t it? The bombshells stand a chance of snagging more swipes than the rest of us mere mortals.

NO Weird Food, please!

Well, you don’t have to always be eating balanced meals. But a survey in the UK shows that almost one-third of people are put off by Veganism or extreme junk-food eating. So if you have what qualifies as “weird food” preferences, sorry pal, it is going to be a rough ride in the dating world. After all, what relationship can exist when the possibility of sharing a meal itself doesn’t?

Have an opinion, on Politics

In today’s highly informed world, you cannot skate along without knowing (and having an opinion on) the political scene. When people consider getting into a relationship, extreme political positions can cause problems. There will be no stability in the relationship without an agreement on the political stance. After all, politics shape our world and we can’t quite get along without being sure how we want it to be shaped.

Be the spontaneous, impulsive texter

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According to a recent Tinder survey, both men and women jump impulsively at the chance of sending unsolicited texts. This is a spontaneous expression of love and interest in the other. Hey, nothing makes your day like a text that says your date from last night is still thinking about you!

Be open to commitment

Unlike our parents and grandparents, we are scared of commitment. Commitment seems like the thief of opportunity. However, even prolific online daters are looking for, finding an opportunity to commit themselves. The desire to commit ourselves to someone and be in an exclusive mono-amorous relationship is still the driving force behind dating even today.

Be kind

For most young people, this is very important. Their significant other has to be kind, scoring high on empathy. In fact, for men, finding a kind female partner is more important than finding a beautiful one. For women too, this is a very desirable attribute. Everyone knows that when the going gets tough, you need a partner who is kind and empathetic to face things together.

You remind me of family and that’s a good thing

Most young people see either parent as a role model. For others, it is usually an older sibling or a close older friend who acts as a proxy sibling. It is great for young men who remind women of their Dads. Young men are also favorable to looking at women who remind them of their Mums. Get that college degree Right after kindness, the next big thing is education. 

There is a higher preference, especially among women for dating well-educated folks. Getting that college degree not just helps you out in getting a job; it also gives you a leg-up in your dating profile. Whoever knew that?

Don’t be judgmental

All over the world, and especially in the UK, people are overcoming their racial biases through dating. Most young singles find racial biases very off-putting and are known to swipe left on those who declare strong racial preferences.

Be real, even when online

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Sure, we all like to put our best selves on our dating profile. We are also no strangers to embellishing our profiles, adding a few bands we never heard to look like a serious metal-head and resorting to trick photography to look better. But a little can sometimes go too far and before we know it the profile looks false and unappealing. For this world singles, who date mostly in the online world, looking real is key and the first step to a relationship.

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