NASA’s Kilopower Nuclear Reactor to Power a Habitat on Mars

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In April 2017 NASA finally revealed about its plan to send astronauts to Mars through its $40 billion gigantic new rocket. Today, everyone, from Elon Musk to Donald Trump, want to send a manned mission to Mars, that too not in distant future but by 2033, however there are enough issues that have to be resolved before we will succeed in this goal.

One amongst the those is the issue of energy required to stay on Mars for long-time, whole mission require lots of energy, only with large amount of energy anyone can trip back from Mars to Earth.
However, loading a rocket with all the required fuel won't work, NASA might want an excessive amount of fuel. So, some way to form fuel on the road may be a necessity and researchers at NASA, the Los Alamos National Laboratory and also the Department of Energy declared these days that they need administrated prospering tests of a system that may do exactly that.

Kilopower may be a little reactor that may generate a reliable power as per need. The versions vary from one power unit, enough to power a basic toaster, up to ten kilowatts, and Kilopower project researchers claim that this feed 4-5 environs on Mars. "The compact size and hardiness of Kilopower will enable US to deliver multiple units during a single module to the surface that has tens of kilowatts of power.

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Kilopower, the $15 million project is currently in the testing phase, with a prototype reactor it is going through four phases of testing at the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) from November 2017 to March 2018. The Kilopower system tests have gone swimmingly to date and in March, the team plans to perform a full power check. To find out additional regarding however Kilopower works, watch the video.
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