Know The 12 Cs which 90% of the Millionaires Come Across!


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Nobody’s life is full of roses. If you desire to pluck a rose, you should be careful with the thorns around. Everyone has obstacles and difficulties and no one has ever climbed the ladder of success with their hands in the pockets. In the journey of becoming a millionaire or to remain in that position, you certainly need some principles and ethics to comply with.

A dozen Cs that would sustain you on that pedestal position of not only a millionaire, but also any stand-out position you reach.

1. Commitment

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Maybe the motivation kindles the idea to pursue the path to achieve your dream? But ultimately, it is a commitment that drives you crazy in achieving the goal. Mere ignition of the idea does not translate into the result. If you desire to remain in the comfort zone, the level of commitment is very low and no one is sure whether you would sustain even that position for a longer duration or not.

2. Challenges

If you desire to achieve something in life, you should face the challenge. To struggle also is a part of life while facing the challenges, since no obstacle could be crossed over without difficulty. If you desire to sail to other continents, you should expect rough weather in the deep sea. Do not chicken out when you face the challenge. Have the courage to take the bull by horns on.

3. Change

What is permanent in the whole world is a change. Therefore, do not even attempt to resist change if you want to survive and sustain the position. Unless you adapt yourself to the changing circumstances, whether it is technological or cultural or demographic etc., you are likely to be washed away from the scenario. To regain that position again would be impractically impossible without a change in your attitude.

4. Corrective Action

There are two methods of success. One is to take the right decision and follow one of the paths. The second one is to take the decision and find the right path. In the first option, there is a possibility of taking a wrong path. Immediate corrective action and modifying the path would save you from the wrath of ignominy. Therefore, you should have a contingency plan for any eventuality.

5. Cognitive Quality

Not everyone is a professional in every field. Some are of course born with some innate talents. You should be able to identify the talent in you and try to pursue that latent talent to develop further. You cannot achieve professionalism in any field just by trial and error method. It requires sustained and deep-rooted efforts and perseverance to pursue the line of action to achieve the goal.

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6. Comfort and Convenience

You may throw the ball or a ring with a lot of enthusiasm. If you are feeling the heat while testing the depth of the water, probably, it is time to come out. Unless you find yourself comfortable in the zone, you do not have the chances of reaching the top with convenience. You can remain in that position as long as your zeal is strong enough to sustain and not beyond.

7. Chance

You should grab the chance and the opportunity in the first instance itself. Never think that you will get everything on the platter. You should take the chance and try to mold the opportunity to your advantage. If you are able to break the stone at the tenth stroke, it is because you were confident that the preceding nine strokes would not go waste. Very few would get the success in the very first attempt----even Thomas Edison failed many times before he invented the electric bulb.

8. Convention

It is only amateurs who follow the conventional methods. Of course, the beaten track would take you to the destination, but in its own course and time. If you are the intelligent person and ready to take the risk, take a different terrain and reach the top in an innovative way. You could be the torchbearer for many.

9. Conviction

Once you reach the top of the position, you are able to retain the position only if you are committed to the convictions you follow. There would be a few who advise you otherwise to achieve their own agenda. But, if you have already passed through that stage, do not deviate from the conviction you had already experienced.

10. Conscientiousness

You should imbibe the quality of being an efficient, organized, disciplined with a systematic approach to deal with any situation. Mere patch-work or the firefighting techniques would not go a long way and never at the top of the ladder. Once you develop those traits, it would be easier to practice and implement the action plan.

11. Choice

Everyone agrees that life itself is a double-edged knife. You will have many situations where you will have to make a choice. If you exercise the prudent choice, you will have a colorful life ahead and you can reap the benefits. The wrong route may give you quick money, but you do not sustain the position for long. Again, it is a choice, whether you desire the temporary comfort or the long-range benefits.

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12. Consistency:

Your unstinted and continued efforts only could keep you in the position consistently. If you desire to have the consistency in maintaining the numero uno position, it is only your concerted efforts ensure the position. Without any idealistic quality also, someone may reach the position, but to remain in the same position is not easy unless you have the above salient qualities.

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