Are Fresh Juices As Healthy As They Look Like?


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Fresh juice drinks have many of the nutrients found in fruit but can also raise blood sugar. Juice may be prepared in the home from fresh fruit and vegetables using a variety of hand or electric juicers. Fresh juice is packed with nutrients.

We all know that what we eat and drink that affects our health. For healthy people, the daily norm of freshly squeezed juice should not exceed 200-300 ml. Ideally, in the morning doctors recommend drinking 150 ml of fruit juice and the same amount of vegetable.

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The foods you consume affect your moods as well as the clarity of your thinking. Eating the wrong foods, in large quantities, will reduce your energy level, affect your health. We all know veggies are filled with life-giving vitamins, minerals, and enzymes. For best results, drink green juice on an empty stomach.

Why Homemade Juice Is Better Than You Buy It From Any Stores?

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  1. Whole fruits are perfectly nourished because they have insoluble fiber that helps with digestion. The author and expert in natural medicine, Dr. Michael T. Murray, says that in addition to eating fresh fruits and vegetables, we should also consider using freshly squeezed juices to get the recommended seven to ten fruits and vegetables a day.
  2. Fresh juices are also packed with soluble fiber - this is the type of fiber that has been shown to lower cholesterol levels.
  3. There is a reason why your body feels good when you eat healthy food - and why you are so tired after eating junk food. According to Murray, our bodies use energy to convert the foods we eat into liquids that need to be absorbed. When you drink juice, your body essentially skips this step and saves energy.
  4. Increased consumption of fruits and vegetables can reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease, and cancer.
  5. Juicing helps you consume more fruits and vegetables in a convenient, drinkable form. This increases the consumption of micro-elements and phytonutrients, which helps to strengthen the immune system and prevent chronic diseases.
  6. Juices help maintaining cholesterol level; hence the chance of heart attack can be reduced. It always keeps our body hydrated. All cells get the required amount of water needed to keep functioning properly.

Ragnar-Berg says about the carrot, “They have some protein, are rich in carbohydrates, potassium, sodium, and calcium, there is a high alkali excess, a trace of iodine and a good proportion of all vitamins.

They constitute a powerful cleansing food. A large amount of carrot carbohydrate is one of the most effective means of changing the intestinal flora from a putrefactive to a non-putrefactive type.”

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Carrot juice helps to clean up the liver as it contains elements that sometimes lacking in diseased livers. Carrots are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, as well as being cheap and easily accessible. As like carrots, there are numbers of other vegetables and fruits that work same as that of carrot.

Fruit Juices can have the same affect like sugary drinks if are consumed in large amount, these can also cause diabetes or obesity. Fruit juice can also be unhealthy if it is not fresh, in such case it is just like junk food. We should avoid taking synthetic juices which we can purchase from grocery stores and super markets. Such juices may be tasty but contains unhealthy chemicals and preservatives in them. However fresh low sugar fruits contains most of Vitamins, Minerals and Plant chemicals therefore we must be conscious while drinking juices.

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