6 Simple & Easiest Ways To Get Rid Of lips Wrinkles!

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One of the most delicate parts of your body is lips. Lips play a vital role in both functional as well as in an aesthetic manner. It is because of lips that you are able to produce different types of voices as per your wish. Not only that it is lips that enhance the overall beauty of your face, increasing the appeal and adding that charm to your face. The reason that lips easily wears out is that it is exposed to the external environment the most and is the part of the skin that is not protected very well.

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Unlike the other skin part, the lips do not have any glands to naturally lubricate it with body oil. Therefore, special care needs to be taken to provide the same care and nurture to the lips as other parts of the skin get. In order to make sure that lip gets its part of care there are many natural items that can be applied to the lips. This will ensure that lips do not get wrinkled and are always full and juicy. Here is a list of items that can be applied to the lips without much hesitation and are easily available to you:

1. Lip balm:

Perhaps the easiest and cost-effective way to lubricate your lips and keep it wet is using any commercially available lip balm. Basically, all the lip balms are made of petroleum jelly which is non-toxic and gives that gentle care of your lips. Sun protection balm is preferred as it also protects against the sun.

2. Cinnamon:

For an effective lip protection uses the cinnamon powder along with coconut oil. This gives it proper oil and nutrition to keep your lips hydrated for a long time.

3. Vitamin E oil:

One of the main reasons for the lips to wrinkle is due to the lack of essential nutrients like vitamin E. Therefore the timely supply of nutrients will certainly go a long way in keeping your lips healthy and wrinkle-free.

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4. Sugar scrub:

Sometimes it may so happen that the dead skin formed on the lips prevents the new cells to come. Therefore, it is essential to scrub those dead cells out of the lips and make them right. You can make your own scrubber by using a powdered sugar and olive oil.

5. Toothbrush:

Toothbrush can also be used as a scrubber in case it is not convenient to make a scrubber. Keep in mind that the brush is gently rubbed on the lips and not vigorously as you do with your teeth.

6. Papaya:

Papaya helps to nourish your lips. Papaya can be used alongside with honey to make a lip mask. Using the lip mask along with lip balm will keep your lips hydrated for a long time.

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Following one or two steps mentioned above will surely keep your lips shining and juicy for a long time. So next time when you will be out for a party make sure to use the tips mentioned here to get long-lasting hydrated lips.
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