Sony CEO Kaz Hirai Will be Replaced by Kenichiro Yoshida

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Sony Corporation is a Japanese multinational conglomerate corporation. This company is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic products for consumer and professional markets. Sony took 105th place in the list of Fortune Global 500 in 2017. Kaz Hirai is a Japanese businessman who is president and CEO of Sony Corporation. He is also a board member of Sony Interactive Entertainment and is chairman and Co-CEO of Sony Entertainment.

We are only a few hours from Sony's latest quarterly earnings report, but Sony announced that from April 1, 2018, Sony will replace its chief executive officer Kaz Hirai with Kenichiro Yoshida. He is Executive Vice President, Chief Financial Officer, and a representative of the corporate executive director of Sony.

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Hirai was born in 1960 in Tokyo, Japan. After graduation, he was hired by CBS/Sony Inc. Hirai began his career at Sony Music Entertainment Japan. Hirai became chairman of Sony Computer Entertainment on September 1, 2011. Now Hirai will step down as CEO of Sony in a much better position than when he took responsibility after starting to do business with his One Sony strategy.

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In the statement, Hirai said: "When the company comes to the decisive moment, when we embark on a new medium plan, I believe that this is the ideal time to transfer leadership to the leadership of the new leadership.

The future of Sony, and myself to start a new chapter in my life ". According to Yoshida, "my first priority is to complete our next corporate middle-class plan that will start in April, as well as our nearest business plan for the 2018 financial year, and then move forward quickly."

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