Narendra Modi

What is GST? All About Goods and Services Tax, Rate Lists, Its Impact On Individuals, Business As Well As The Economy

Goods and Services Tax , first conceptualised 16 years ago, however getting into reality from July 1, 2017. The Narendra Modi govt will inaugurate in midnight

Anurag Thakur, A Self Made Political Icon

Anurag Thakur is a Self Made Political Icon who is known as Sportsman, Lieutenant in Territorial Army, Social worker and leads BJP at Himachal Pradesh, Ex- BCCI

Politics in India: This is How one can become a Most Influencing Political Leader in India

 It is not that politicians have only Character, Competence and Vision but many are also criminals, doing minority and caste based politics

How Mr. Manmohan Singh has been able to keep his image clean despite of so many allegations on Congress

Manmohan wasn't a politician and had no political clout, he was the lovely doll of her highness Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, the last indirect ruler of Nehru Dynasty

Top Seven Indian Trolls you can’t Ignore on Social Media

Trollers invent new words and names for people online and soon these become colloquial. Main targets are Modi, Kejriwal, Mayawati, Rahul Gandhi and Diggi etc.

Will Narendra Modi Become PM Again, After 2019 Loksabha Elections?

Should Narendra Modi be worried or He is likely to return, to some BJP no longer looks however Opinion Polls suggest Modi may be triumphant in general elections

How Corrupt is Mukesh Ambani? Why He is at the Hit List of Some Politicians and Businessmen?

Mukesh Ambani may hold on to the throne of the richest person in India without any doubt, but that certainly does not put him in everybody’s good books.

Why Triple Talaq is Unconstitutional? Why to Outlaw this inhumane Practice?

Triple talaq is unconstitutional and a curse on Civilized Society. Muslim men are giving talaq through whatsapp, speed post, sms and phone calls, which inhumane

Why Rahul is The Only Leader Who Can Challenge PM Modi in 2019 Despite Goof-Ups

The scene for the national elections is heating up with every passing day like never before. Once considered as a humdrum affair for the vast voter population of this country.

How GST will Impact Government Decision Making, Functioning, Work Culture and Environment?

GST Launched on June 30 With Special Midnight Session In Parliament with historical lecture of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, in presence of President.

Narendra Modi: Fascinating Unknown Moments of Childhood & Earlier Young Life

Narendra Modi, From a tea seller to PM of India, Fascinating facts of childhood and earlier life, Modi’s Sanyas and RSS, before Political Journey