Uncovering Women Abuse, Behind Closed Doors (Domestic Violence)

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Domestic and family violence is cruel, abusive or intimidating behavior in a relationship and unfortunately these relationships can be a partner, carer or family member. Domestic violence and wife abuse is prevalent in almost cultures & societies.

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The Thames Valley Police Domestic Abuse Teams is helping victims to greater extent. They give an extraordinary insight into the most common violent crime which can take place in the home. At the beginning, this great team received 999 calls of women who were suffering from different types of domestic violence.

There are some very complex emotions involved when you love someone and he becomes violent, not only so but you are not able to expose him.
  1. 1. Here you will Meet Jemma who is a 33 years old women. She has two children, who suffered a vicious attack from her boyfriend, during the time she was out with friends.
  2. Another case is of Sabrina, who returned from the hospital, after being savagely beaten by her boyfriend. This extremely scared women followed for justice and finally was able to tackle her own emotional challenges.
  3. Meet Helen, who struggles to leave a violent relationship of ten years and step by step, walks away for good
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