10 Annoying Things We Do on Facebook That Just Need to Stop!


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Let's just face it; we're all pretty much addicted to Facebook. Be it any social event, it's up on Facebook the next day, several apps, websites, and services are now linked to it and allow you to log in via this portal. It's almost become our online identity and no matter what we do, where we go and who we meet, Facebook seems to know it all! Welcome to the modern age of fingertip services and a dilapidated sense of online security! Thanks to our cyber addiction, we are quite unaware of how very annoying we can be with our online behavior.

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Here are the Top 10 Annoying Things we do on Facebook that just need to stop right now!

10. Check-Ins

"Look at me! Look where I am! Me so fancy,so cool, me goes to Paris week even though me still in school"

This is what we're saying when announcing to world about our holidays and fancy brunches. Does the world need to know about your little vacation? No.

9. Poking People

When was the last time you were poked by someone in real life? Imagine that and triple that ghastly feeling; that’s how it feels when someone takes out time especially to annoy and poke you online.

8. The "Others" Folder Messaging

There’s a tiny, dark corner in the Facebook mansion that holds the most horrid kind of people and it's worse when they try to contact you. Usually, the “others” folder in our messaging section is full of ordinary creeps, day-to-day pervs and some people who just can’t spell. Why do we message unknown and unsuspecting people and talk in cringe-worthy ways?

7. Our Obvious Addiction For "Likes"

That one girl who poses with her hair in her hands or that man who’s looking far off into the sunset are cliqued poses that have been perfected to arouse mystery in minds of others. Does a slightly tilted close up of the face with a random, poignant title really make us more mysterious? No, it shows how much we care to procure a few likes on facebook from people who don’t matter to us.

6. Liking Our Own Posts, Links or Comments

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You posted something and therefore I’m sure you like what you posted, hence you’ve posted it. Get the logic? If you don’t, just think about a green frog wearing an “I love Green Frogs” t-shirt. Stop liking your own pictures for heaven’s sake; it’s just a little too desperate.

5. Publishing Irrelevant Quiz Results

When you post your scintillating results to the amazing facebook quiz (What kind of princess are you?) on our news feed, we see you as someone who’s certainly gone off their rocker. Not only do your results show that you, unfortunately, are not a good princess, but we’re also thoroughly judging you for using ten minutes of your time to find the answer to that question.

4. Useless Page Invites

We know that your friend’s sister’s aunt has an amazing basket-making page on Facebook but I don’t need it shoved down my throat without my permission. So stop telling me about it!

3. Random Tagging In Posts/Pictures

You don’t know me and I don’t know you, so let’s stop this useless tagging business. I wasn’t there at the launch of your new line of…um…something so when you tag me in your post, I get comment notifications for months. Stop?

2. Online Game Requests

Who still plays poker online? Take my all my requests, take my chips, hell take all my money but stop asking me to ‘send’ you stuff for your ridiculous game.

1. Asking people to ‘like’ something

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There are pictures of people suffering from cancer and poor, hungry kids in Africa on our feeds and although all my condolences and good wishes go out to them, liking the picture/post does not feed a hungry child or cure a disease. Not only are we stamping on our own common sense by posting these pictures, but we’re also making a joke of these unfortunate people. This. Needs. To. Stop.

So there you go! The top 10 things that cause frustration while using Facebook. Now, now, we’re guilty of at least a few of them. Consider this an intervention and for Facebook’s sake, STOP.

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