Damaging Impact of Mobile Phone Usage at Night: Stop it Right Away!

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Its 11 pm, you are sleeping and there comes a beep from your mobile phone. You wake up right away to check the notification from Facebook or any email or Instagram account. And by the time you sleep, it's already 1 am. Is this justified?? It does not affect only your sleep but your eyes, brain, and nerves too. Mobile phone usage at night should not be avoided but STOPPED right away.

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This article is all about discussing the health hazards of using a mobile phone at night. Be it the light affecting the retina or the signal waves which affect the brain, each and every aspect of mobile phone usage harms the body and may cause some irreparable damage. So, why to regret later in life when you can change your habit with a little effort. And believe me, this effort is worthy. Below are some reasons which are sufficient enough to convince you to stop using mobile phones at night especially when the room is dark or not properly lit.

1. Insomnia

Yes! You can be deprived of sleep. The moment you go to bed and switch off the light, the blue light emitted by the mobile phone increases its frequency and is stronger there. It slows down the production of melatonin hormone which is responsible for sleep and the sleep cycle. More Usage of mobile phone leads to loss of sleep and may cause depression as well.

2. Vision

The blue light not only disturbs your sleep cycle but also your retina. Blue light has the shortest wavelength (as compared to other lights) which means it has the highest frequency which affects the vision of a person adversely.

3. Memory Loss

When you are not able to complete your sleep, you feel fatigued the whole day, thus affecting the brain and resulting in weak memory power. Incomplete sleep affects the body metabolism rate, thus, affecting blood flow in the brain. This can be fatal in some cases.

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4. Prone to Cancer

Melatonin or the sleep hormone also acts as an antioxidant and helps the body in fighting against cancer especially prostate and breast cancer. The reduced production of melatonin will increase the risk of cancer.

5. Strain on the eyes

Imagine sunlight hitting directly in your eyes, your pupils contract and you tend to cover your eyes. Though, sunlight is not so harmful even then we cover our eyes then what about mobile phone light? It is too dangerous especially when it is dark. It puts the heavy strain on eyes and can damage the vision permanently.

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We need to avoid the phone usage at night. Prefer switching off the mobile phone when you go to bed or at least maintain a good distance between your bed and the phone. Avoid using a phone when the battery is low because, at that time, the phone is in its high-frequency mode and emit very powerful signals. Also, don’t carry a mobile phone in your front pocket as it can affect your heart rather try to carry in hand.
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