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In spite of everyone yearning for a happy life, hardly we find persons who confidently say that they are leading a contented life. Did you ever try to find out the reasons for discontentment and unhappiness in life? Because not everyone is sure of the dos and don’ts of leading a happy life. Here-under is a dozen reasons to avoid so that a happy life is not out of reach for you.

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1. Underestimating Your Skills:

Everyone is possessed with many skills and traits. You need to tap the latent talent existing in you. If you doubt your own qualitative skills, the low level of self-confidence would impair your psychological and mental health. Therefore, do not allow the low esteem hamper the chances of otherwise possible victory.

2. Being a Copy Cat:

Not everyone is endowed with all the qualities. Though you can learn to improve your existing skills by observing others, it would be harmful if you try to copy someone. If you do not have a specific talent, accept the fact with humility. But trying to copy someone does not augur well if the talent is absent in your DNA.

3. Ignoring Fitness:

Maintaining mental and physical fitness enhances the level of relaxed mind. By being regular to the gym or a wellness center, you feel energized. Your contribution to the professionalism increases as long you stay fit mentally and psychologically. Therefore, the regular physical and mental regimen would freshen up in building up the well-being. You will be able to concentrate on the important things of life and could focus on the vital objectives.

4. Ignoring the Opportunity:

It is true that the opportunity does not knock at your twice for every one. It is, therefore, better to grab the opportunity in the first instance with both the hands. Always keep an eagle’s eye for a favorable opportunity, so that you do not despair of having not utilized the opportunity coming in your way.

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5. Despondency:

When you stop realizing the importance of the positive things in your life, the despondency sets in. Therefore, start appreciating the things you possess and also be grateful for what you have. There is no limit for disappointment, even if you have many things which your neighbor may not possess.

6. Pessimistic Attitude:

This is one of the primary reasons that your other rosy picture of the future is marred. Imagining the pessimistic future not only spoils the present but also does not allow you to pursue the goals with vigor and zeal. Instead, develop the habit of positive attitude and achieve the goals.

7. Ignoring the Family:

You should remember that family members are of paramount importance in case of any exigency or when you unwell. If you could spend quality time with the family, the chances of getting unwell are also minimized. Family members are the ones who understand you and your requirements since they have been with you from your childhood. If you desire to have a happy life, it is not advisable to ignore them.

8. Non-reconciliation with Failures:

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No one is destined to win the situation at all times. Therefore, when you encounter a failure, accept the same with grace. What you should remember is that you should identify the mistake for the failure and ensure that the mistake is not repeated. The fall in life is not detrimental unless you are not ready to get up from the fall. If you can bounce back, you can expect a happy life to follow.

9. Over comparison:

It is a fact that in comparison with others would allow you an opportunity to improve your qualities. However, in case you start over-compare yourself, there is a possibility of losing your self-confidence. You should realize that all five fingers are not equal and it is impossible to possess all the qualities even among siblings. Therefore, limit yourself only till healthy comparison.

10. Saying “Yes” to Everything:

No one is capable of satisfying everyone, even if you say “yes” to everything. Therefore, do not say “Yes” when you want to say “No” with courtesy. This would keep you also happy since you are not doing anything against your feelings. At the same time, you are able to keep up your words when you agree to do things when you are willing to do.

11. Blaming Others:

When something goes wrong, please do not hesitate to accept the failure with full responsibility. By attempting to blame others, you are only allowing the animosity to set in among others. By taking the responsibility, you will avoid feeling guilty and also the level of trust increases amongst the team members. This would make you feel satisfied and lead a happy life.

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12. Resistance to Change:

Change in a continuous and unavoidable process in the life. Therefore, if you want to lead a happy life, it is essential to accept the change whether it is technology or cultural change. If you do not accept the change, the chances are your stagnating at the same position are higher. If you keep the combination of above negative points, you would be able to lead a happy life.

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