This is How Most Parents Plan Summer Vacations for Their Children?


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With the announcement of summer holidays in school, there comes a mixture of dread and excitement in not only children but also in parents. Where parents can’t wait to spend whole six weeks with their children, they are also tensed about the responsibility that comes with this enjoyment. Here are different stages of emotions parents go through in these six weeks of summer vacation.

The First Day of Summer Vacation: I am so Excited!

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You have waited so long for this day. Six weeks of no fights over completing homework, no screaming to get out of the bed, no tension of Tiffin, no cleaning of uniform, just peaceful sleep and pampering children.

First Week of the Holiday: I Love My Children

Things go well in the first week, waking up late in morning, taking children in the garden for playing and child-friendly day trips. You just love spending time with your kids. You go with your family as a day out, craft planned activities, in the first week of holiday you are filled with energy and optimism. You make so many good memories with your children, your burning bank balance doesn’t matter in front of the happy and smiling faces of your children.

The Second Week of Holidays: Okay! Let them Play

The second week also goes on smoothly. After all the day outs you realize that you have spent a little more than what you planned, but that’s okay. Your house resembles some toy house, you find toys in every corner of the house. This will irritate you a bit but shouting on children will be rude, after all it's their summer holidays. You let them play and enjoy your wine in evening.

The Third Week of Summer Vacation: What About Their Studies?

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Its third week of holidays, almost half of the time is over, the time has lost its meaning. You are exhausted with all those outdoor activities and 24*7 roaming of children in the house. You start worrying about your children's future, it's been two weeks and your children have not even touched the books. 

You buy workbooks for next school year for them and plan to teach them at least 30 minutes in a day, which turns out to be very difficult. Books just gather dust on the shelf till the end of vacations. Children playing all day makes you worried and till the end of this week you say study a page first then only you can watch television.

The Fourth Week: When Will These Vacations End?

You have visited almost all attraction places in your area by now. Now your children stay home all day and keep on playing games and watching TV, dirt covers the floor, carpet is messed with sausage and food. You feel so tired of all this noise, all you want to do is rest for few hours, which seems next to impossible. 

You get angry easily and shout at children for messing up the room, you ask them to complete their holiday homework and sleep for few hours so that you too can have some rest. You wonder how many days are left for school to reopen.

Fifth Week: I am So Exhausted!

By the fifth week, you are so exhausted that you even forget your own name. You spend hours in cleaning the house and shouting on children to play quietly. You ask them to play hide and seek so that you can get few minutes peace.

Last Week of Vacation: Time Flies.

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It’s the last week of holiday, you wonder where all the time went. It feels like summer vacation just started a few days ago. Last week turns out to be a panic week for you, buying the new uniform, new school bag is all you do this week. What you are worried the most about is the holiday homework which your children finish at the last minute.

Summer vacation ends here. Those six weeks were exhausting but then you again wait for this break. You love your children and spending time with them!

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