13 Worst Mistakes that People Commit in Their Twenties


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Wondering which age is the most crucial in one’s lifetime? If you get a chance, think about asking this question to your parents and probably you will get the answer that the best and most critical age is the one when a person is about to reach adulthood. In simple words, the age revolving around your twenties is the one during which you commit some of the worst mistakes. Now you must be wondering that why is that so? The answer to this is actually quite simple, but at the same time, it is a little perplexing too.

The age in the 20s is crucial because in this age, whatever decisions you make or actions that you will take, will either betray you or benefit you for the rest of the upcoming life. The age of adulthood is indeed very significant. If you didn’t utilize this age efficiently and effectively then sooner or later you are going to regret the actions that you didn’t take. Following is the list of the most common and the worst mistakes that people make in their 20s that will somehow become a bulwark in their future and what you can do in order to avoid them.

1. Showing too Much Interest in Other’s Affairs, Rather Than Your Own: Comparing your life with the others is one of the main reasons behind the increasing rate of depression among the youths these days. Comparing your lives with others will make you end up with the feeling of self-pity and jealousy. 

What you should do is to stop looking into their social media profiles by ditching your electrical devices and buck up by focusing on yourself.

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2. Missing Out on Opportunities: Not availing opportunity is the worst mistake that one can make. Not availing an opportunity which would otherwise have enhanced your life for the better is a terrible loss. Opportunities open the gateways to new experiences and give you a platform to improve your skills. Do if opportunity knocks at your door, grab it.

3. Unclear Goals: The state of being unable to answer about your specific dreams or goals indicates that the individual is uncertain and confused about what he wants to accomplish in his life. What you need to do is to first discover what your passions are and question yourself what you really want to do in your life and be precise about it. 

4. Not Acquiring/Developing New Skills: When you are in your 20s, it is the best age to learn or develop new skills. The reason is that your retaining power is the strongest at this time and any new skill that you will learn will go into the long-term memory. Learning new skills helps in keeping you focused and increases your concentration levels. It makes you adjust to changes. 

5. Unrealistic Goals: Setting goals is a must for every person as it gives you a sense of direction. But one must be careful of not setting goals that exceed their potential. If you want to attain big goals, then start making smaller goals which match with your skills. Achieving smaller goals will instill in you a sense of achievement.

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6. Rushing Things Too Quickly: Adulthood is too full of vibrant energy and a thirst to prove yourself “worthy”. It is good as it reinforces in you a sense of self-confidence and makes you efficient but excessive need to prove yourself can make you distressed when you are unable to achieve your desired goals. What one needs to do is to calm down and reflect on their actions. Meditation is the best way to relax and soothe yourself. 

7. Not Cultivating a Reading Habit: it is a fact that a person learns a lot simply by reading as it helps in broadening your mind and making you more creative than before. You obtain new information, ability to brainstorm and a new logic of solving problems. If you want to do something innovative, you must make time to read. 

8. Lack of Outdoor Activities: Modern technologies and advancement in smartphones have resulted in people playing more of video games rather than engaging in outdoor activities during their leisure time. Playing video games can be dangerous as sitting for more than eight hours can ruin your health and increase the chances of heart ailments. To avoid becoming lazy, spend at least 20 minutes in working out and exercising.

9. Addiction: it is not just drugs or alcohol, but there are many other things, we get addicted to. It can be a place, person etc. you can overcome this by focusing on your goals and considering your well-being a top priority. 

10. Neglecting your Health: You should take care of your mental as well as physical health. You are busy trying to pack as much into your days as possible that you forget to make some time for your health too. 

11. Stuck onto Love: Many times you hang on to a partner just because you want them to be your last. And this is an adverse thing to do. You should re-evaluate your relationship to make sure it makes you happy. Control behavior and violent arguments. You have to find your soul mate while trying to figure out what you want out of life.

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12. Taking your Parents for Granted: this is the most serious mistake people make. Take advantage of the time you have with them now as sooner or later they aren’t going to be there with you. Spend as much time as possible with your parents. 

13. Giving up too Easily: Career, artwork, relationships, success, all takes time, effort, and work, you have to be patient otherwise it will lead to failure. Giving up or quitting before you finish the line can prove detrimental to you. So don’t give up.

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