Donald Trump

Why China is in a Great Shock after Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un?

Beijing calls Trump the wisest emperor, however, such words always come from experienced diplomacy and not necessarily reveal their actual thinking.

Donald Trump, Mind-Blowing Journey to the Political Apex & Super-Interesting Life-Facts

Donald Trump-Political Journey, Interesting facts, detailed Bio-Data, E-Mail controversy of Hillary Clinton, Prophecies, Relations with Russia

If Donald Trump Is Right or Wrong, Anti Muslim Policies

Donald Trump is Anti Muslim, Against 9/11 attack, Islamic terrorist Attacks, Sharia Law, Islamic Jihad, Immigrant influx and First American President to do so

What Will Happen If A War Breaks Out Between America And North Korea

It seems world is about to witness war between America and North Korea, Trump has deployed THAAD, Drones, Troops and doing military drills to curb kim jong un