12 Life Changing Habits which Can Hugely Boost Your Confidence


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Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going. Therefore, once you are motivated, you should repeat the activity as often as possible and one day, that activity becomes your habit. Habits die hard. True, once you are habituated, you do not feel like leaving it even others tempt you from stopping the habit. If you desire to achieve success, it is absolutely essential to acquire good habits.

Top 12 Life-Changing Habits

1. Set Your Right Goals

Everyone will have a dream. In order to achieve the dream, you should have smaller goals. You can break-down those goals into tasks. The tasks could be made into a planner with “Things to do” list on a daily basis. This would enable you to focus on each step in achieving the goals and ultimately achieve the dream. Further, you will be able to take timely, necessary remedial steps for each of the task to perfection.

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2. Time Management

Everyone agrees that time is the most precious resource since you cannot retrieve the time lost. Time can be compared with a running water of a stream. You cannot touch the same water again. Therefore, you should not waste your time in unproductive activity. If you are a good manager of the time, you will achieve the task and the goals smoothly. In case of bad time management, though you will redo the things in rectifying the mistakes, time over-run may make your dream distant.

3. Stick to Your Word

However small the word you had promised, stick to the word and act accordingly. If you said that you would call someone, you should comply with your word. This would not only enhance your credibility but also they realize that you are more disciplined and systematic. People would feel that you are dependable for the words, whatever you say.

4. Update Your Knowledge

Whatever the talent you have, you should hone the skill on a continuous basis. Unless you keep updated with the latest advancements of the ever-changing scenario, you would become obsolete and out-dated. The younger generation would be over-taking in the knowledge if you are in the old and out-dated methods of the past. Therefore, you should be a voracious reader to acquire the latest innovations and technological changes taken place in the recent past.

5. Accept The Reality

You should accept that all things might not befall as you expect. You should accept this reality and adapt yourself according to the changed circumstances. Otherwise, your level of anger, stress and anxiety increases, which is detrimental to your physical and mental health. In this condition, you will find it difficult to pursue your goals.

6. Over-comparing with Others

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Maybe a comparison with others, to a certain extent, is a healthy practice. However, over-comparing with others would lead to depression. If you are not endowed with certain traits which others may possess, be it. No one is a personification of all the qualities. Maybe, you should find out the innate quality you possess and enhance that skill to a higher level.

7. Be Polite In Saying “No”

Please do not say “Yes” when in fact you want to say “No”. Indeed if you do not like it, there is no harm in saying “No”. You should not feel what someone thinks of you in case you say “No”. In fact, it is impossible to please everyone, even by saying “Yes”. However, you should ensure to be polite even when you are in disagreement with the other’s opinion. You should remember that how you say is also equally important than what you say. This would reflect on your being sincere in your opinion.

8. Be Empathetic

When you deal with others, you should always look from their point of view also. Even though, you might be right, wearing other’s shoe might throw some other perception. This habit also reflects your empathy and respect you have for others. With this, even the other person would respect you than before.

9. Discipline

Whether it is financial discipline or health discipline or any other category---you should be disciplined. Discipline does not mean that you are obeying someone’s orders. Rather, you are obeying your own conscious. Whatever positive yardsticks, you have set for yourself, never compromise on them only to please someone.

10. Be Optimistic

Everything will not happen in a jiff always. Certain things happen as per the time slot set forth for them to happen. It does not mean that it may not happen at all. Therefore, what you should ensure is that you are in the right direction in achieving the goal. The desired result will show up once you are optimistic and on the right path.

11. Documentation

Any important achievement in your invention, innovation or research needs to be well documented for further scrutiny. This would enable someone to authenticate the findings of the research you had carried out. This also enables dissemination of information from one generation to another for carrying out further research on similar topics.

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12. Be Social

In this modern-day world, there is no dearth of gadgets to keep in touch with society. Associating with others gives you an opportunity to exchange your views and validate them with your conclusions. If you are in the wrong direction also, your option of correcting them or modifying them would be enhanced at the earliest possible time.

Though the above dozen points are only illustrative, you can prepare an exhaustive list for everyone to comply with. The regular habits of such nature would enable in achieving your dream successfully.

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