Aberash Bekele -The Rape Victim Who Fought Back and Shamed a Nation

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Aberash was a schoolgirl of just 14 years when a group of horsemen kidnapped her from the way, at that time she was walking from home to school. They beat up her very badly until she gets tired. After that one 28 years, a farmer forced her and raped the Aberash. Soon thereafter she realizes that a man who raped her wants to marry her.

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In Ethiopia's where Aberash lives there is one tradition, if a man wants to marry a girl then he can kidnap the girl and keep her in the hidden area where no one can reach and find her. The man raping kidnapped girl does this heinous act repeatedly till the time she's pregnant and then he goes to her family to inform and finally to get consent for arrange marriage.

When Aberash was abducted, her older sister had been already married by abduction. Now she is a mother of four small children and lives with her husband in a small hut where they run livelihood by selling home-brewed liquor.

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She doesn't want to live with her husband and planned to escape. She arranges a steel gun and moves away. Her husband chases her and wants to stop her but she didn't and she threatened to fire but he ignored. Finally, she shot her Husband dead. She was arrested and charged with murder.

Aberash was the first girl to resist centuries of deeply-entrenched, male-dominated culture. After Bekele’s high profile case, abductions dropped in Arsii; none were reported for five years
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