Mother drowns Her Five children: Meet the Killer Andrea Yates

No one can believe what Andrea, a 53 year old lady has done; Not because she killed her children but due to the fact that she used to live a very respectful life

Johnathan - A Documentary of 14 Year Young Psychopath

At the age of fourteen, a young Canadian named "Johnathan" determined to kill his friend and friend during a clear stage throughout lunch. He later turned himself in, was guilty of first-degree murder

Are You Being Sexually Harassed At Work? Take Those Solid Steps!

People file complaints when they face sexual harassment as it might be really hard for them to cope with their daily activities at work.

Dark Web Marketplaces Cracked, Dim Web Busted Again, players AlphaBay and HANSA Seized

Dark Web Marketplaces Cracked, Dim Web Busted Again, players AlphaBay and HANSA Seized 

Importance of Consumer Awareness: Protect your Consumer Rights

With this series of three articles, here an endeavor is made to foster the consumers to file their complaints and make them not only stand up for their rights

Is Violent Crime in Some People's Psychology? Know Extremist's Mind

Whenever a crime happens, the community is left wondering how someone could do such a thing but very few know that this can be forecasted by brain scanning.

Who Did the Congress Had in Mind to Save When Col Purohit was Jailed? Secret Exposed!!

It is still a mystery that Col. Purohit is a culprit or victim of politics of then government who was desperate to prove that Saffron Terrorism exists.

Aberash Bekele -The Rape Victim Who Fought Back and Shamed a Nation

Aberash was a schoolgirl of 14 years old, a group of horsemen kidnapped her from the way she walking home to school. They beat up her very badly until she gets tired.