Johnathan - A Documentary of 14 Year Young Psychopath

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At the age of fourteen, a young Canadian named "Johnathan" was convicted to kill his friend for small reasons. He was later found guilty of first-degree murder, and is currently serving a time in an exceedingly medium-security jail. Throughout the trial, "Johnathan" was labeled as a sociopath, someone who lacks the ability to feel regret or fellow feeling for his actions.

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Psychopaths have a chic history within the media of being delineated as serial killers and serial killers. the $64000 truth behind these folks is far a lot of terrific and heavy than many of us imagine. Psychopaths represent our so called third of society, and lots of-of these cruel percentages can ne'er and ne'er be jailed.

Such insane folks occupy vital positions in society, like a businessman, doctors, politicians and also the army personnel. though several of them can ne'er commit real crimes, they still leave associate degree clear mark on the folks around them and a path of broken guarantees and broken hearts where they are going.

They can really prove themselves very dangerous if a situation arises so.
You may have heard people call someone else a “psychopath” or a “sociopath.” But what do those words really mean? Indeed there are some definitive signs and symptoms which can help illuminate if you have a psychopath in your life or not.

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This film explores the factors that make psychopaths in society and also the ways in which we can spot them. Factors like genetic science, the upbringing kids and consumerism plays an important role in deciding the social links that children type within the 1st years of life.

Through interviews with professionals, doctors and even a sociopath, the general public will gain a stronger understanding of what causes youngsters to become adult psychopaths and, hopefully, plan to stop these causes from their roots.
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