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Launching declaration of Republic Channel has created bang and to uncover more we shall dive with you in deep waters to know many interesting & lesser-known facts of Arnab Goswami,

Arnab’s explanation- how his Republic News channel would be different, on the other hand, what kind of Channel Indians want, how Arnab Goswami describes his Republic Channel, Is there anything wrong with Arnab’s journalism, Facts related to Republic Channel’s launch on 6th May 2017, its Twitter following, etc.

Internet and media has made global boundaries narrower and TV journalism has started new Era of Public Awareness-even way back in the early nineties which has now reached its climax and social media also has given news world a new dynamics;

Today Government reigns for five years, and Journalism governs forever and ever, and when we talk about News Channels then Times Now occupies great attention but Arnab Goswami its former anchor and editor in chief occupied central positions due to his highly vocal display & special jingoistic tenor in most happening show “The Newshour”; who has resigned later.

Losing a gem of his height is the great set back to Times Now, it has lost its radiance and charm; with his new pygmies who are trying to occupy his vacancy, it is very difficult to regain position and boost TRP and also there is fear of viewers shift towards new media venture “Republic”.

How Arnab Goswami Introduces His News-channel “Republic”

Arnab Goswami has called upon the nation with his own patriotic style:

India’s most awaited news venture. Republic is independent. Republic is global. Republic is disruptive. Republic is your movement. Join us

Arnab Goswami’s Interesting But Lesser-known Facts

Arnab Goswami is a man who is disliked intensely and loved intensely but can never be ignored. There are lesser-known facts which are infamous but interesting and since now he has become a Media Celebrity, therefore, his followers and devotees want to know everything; may it be his family, his qualifications, social background, his profile, even the silly points like his car brand and many such historical points which are connected to his great 'journey of journalism'.

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Let’s Have The Look of Arnab Goswami’s Profile to Know Interesting Facts:

  1. Present Age - 43 Years (DOB- 9th October 1973)
  2. Qualification - Bachelor's degree in Sociology and Master's in Social Anthropology in 1994- Where he was a Felix Scholar
  3. If he is Bengali - No, Indeed he is from Guwahati Assam but he is very fluent in Bengali as well
  4. About Wife - His wife is Pipi Goswami (Bengali) who was his old friend at The Hindu College at Delhi 
  5. Detail of First Job - Joined as a journalist in Telegraph (not anchor) at Kolkata for less than a year, Telegraph is the venture of ABP Group
  6. First TV Broadcast as an anchor - NDTV 24x7 in 1995
  7. With DD Metro - Anchored Programme "News Tonight" 
  8. Switch to Times Now - Joined in 2006 and worked as 'Editor in Chief' and News Anchor
  9. Resignation from Times Now - Resigned from Times Now as Editor-in-Chief and as well as President in later half of November 2016   
  10. His Salary in Times Now - According to some inner sources he used to earn Rs 1 Crore + Allowances
  11. Authroing first book - Name of book - "Combating Terrorism: The Legal Challenge"
  12. Ancestry background - Paternal Grandfather-Congress Leader, Maternal Grandfather- Communist leader 
  13. Links to BJP - Father Col. (Retd.) Manoranjan Goswami- Once in BJP now inactive
  14. His first Role Model - Shri Bhupen Hazarika (Known Musician at Kolkata)
  15. First TV Interview with - Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
  16. His most famous interview - Mr. Narendra Modi
  17. Interview of other great personalities - Hilary Clinton (US secretary of state) in 2009, Parvez Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto, UK Prime Minister- Gordon Brown, Afghanistan President - Hamid Karzai, Dalai Lama, Rahul Gandhi and Rahul Bajaj
  18. Does he drive 3.43 Crores Lamborghini Car as per viral message - No, he does not own such car and had filed a complaint against a driver who was speeding Lamborghini, Indeed Arnab owns Toyota Corolla
  19. Awards (Received many awards, naming a few) - "Best Presenter" from Asian Television Award-2003, Society young achievers award-2007, Assamese of the Year & Ramnath Goenka Awards in 2010
  20. Twitter Account of "Republic News Channel" - Republic Channel #Twitter
  21. Republic Channel Launch Date - 6th May 2017

If The Launch of Republic Channel is Setting A New Hope of 'Unbiased Journalism'

Western media i.e. US and UK together constitute 74% of the global news and the whole of Asia contributes 3% and there is not even a single global news network from India.

Our most of the existing news channels are also not impartial and neutral. In-fact news has become something what somebody somewhere wants to suppress; not being suppressed is advertising, it has been so commercialized and influenced that every anchor somehow or somewhere gives some twist because he is politically aligned with some party or party-man or ideologically aligned with some group or its influencer, and when an anchor begins the “othering” of some section then his reporting by default gets drifted from neutral position. Therefore, all a common man gets is the fractured truth, doctored videos, multiple manipulations, distorted facts and coverage with preference to TRP.

You can visualize this with Specimens like NDTV: Radhika Roy & Prannoy Roy owns major shareholding in NDTV, Radhika’s sister Brinda Karat is a famous CPM leader (well known for false allegations against Baba Ramdev) and Prannoy Roy’s first cousin is the famous far-leftist  “intellectual” Arundhati Suzanna Roy- Therefore most news on NDTV appears to be highly pessimistic about Indian indigenous values and are filled with depressing content.

If we talk about TV anchors then NDTV’s Sonia Singh is the wife of Uttar Pradesh Congress MP, Union minister and ex-princely state ruler,

Barkha Dutt (Consulting editor) who is Pro-Congress and Pro-Kashmir Separatists, the way she had reported Gujarat riots and Mumbai terror attack (26 November 2008) projected her as a highly irresponsible TV anchor.

Rajdeep Sardesai’s wife and Sagarika Ghose who remained connected with various channels are highly prejudiced with the anti-Modi campaign and are famous stooges of a political party. (Here is how Madhu Kishwar Exposes biased media). At such unfavorable time when the country is day by day becoming hopeless, Arnab Goswami in an interview with 'Good Times' mentioned that,

I do dream that at sometime in the future, our country will have a channel like BBC or CNN which is going to be broadcast to the world and if such an opportunity arises, I would certainly like to play a role in it.

Therefore undoubtedly if he delivers what he promises then masses will accompany him and will praise his new venture “Republic Channel”.

Kind Of “News Channel” - A Sentimental Proud Indian Wants

India need a news channel which can raise voice against brazen hooliganism, ominous environment, immoral litigation; a channel who does not follow any other but create its own global footprint, who has no right-wing inclination but ownership position for India's ethos and heritage, who is filled with intellectual patriotism, who catches growing resentments even in the smallest section of our society but avoids unnecessarily showcasing merely for more TRP. Arnab’s republic channel is expected to be one of such options for those.

Arnab Goswami About His Journalism

It is not that easy to hold a great constituency of devotees and draw the attention of millions, but it requires some inbuilt and self-attained traits. Arnab Goswami started from just schoolroom debater and finally framed himself as the successful figure before millions. This is how Arnab describes his journalism:

The journalism I follow is journalism of opinion and is not PR driven. If my opinion helps bringing about a change, I will opine and not shy behind the wall of neutrality.

Arnab has put his views in RT Conference in Dec 2015 and reiterated that India will be the next media capital of the world as we have 99000 publications in India, we  have 13761 registered newspapers in India, 404 news channels in India which run 24x7 and we don’t have one single global news network.


But in India where millions speak English, which is the largest democracy, where the challenge to the global news hegemony is about to come from, this is so necessary from the balance in power perspective, for BBC and CNN who have been predominant for too long.

Is There Anything Wrong With Arnab’s Journalism

Anyone can give any number of advice often directed with the word ‘YOU’ in own voice, but he who is truly different proved positive and intelligent always shows a constructive action on his words to unearth lies.

As of now India has its no International News channel and most news channel we have, showing “Same rut & same routine”, Aliens, Kejriwal, Mayawati, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mamata Banerjee, cursing our society and similar bullshit instead of news which is of big significance for India as India is emerging as world superpower. Current News channels are failing to inform about the world in true colors and also not completely able to suffice the ‘presentation need’ of a new world leader.

If by doing following things someone thinks Arnab is wrong then, of course, he is:

  1. Arnab single-handedly brought Times Now to the fore of English News television, he handpicked it from scrap and brought to leading media groups and its show ‘The Newshour at 9’ has earned highest TRP.
  2. His notable accomplishments include interviewing over 200 politicians and analysts during the Trust Vote in October 2008 within a span of 26 hours and 65 hours reporting during 26/11 Mumbai Attacks.
  3. He is the only TV anchor who does bombardment of tough questions in such a way that sometimes distractors who are not able to face his direct questions, leave the show.
  4. Millions of viewers hail on this dialogues, he is the only anchor whose dialogues have caught such public attention: “The nation wants to know”, “Don’t you know”, “This is not the answer to my question”, “I have the evidence with me” etc.
  5. He Criticizes panelists who are proved wrong, you can see him saying that- you should be ashamed of your views, etc.
  6. He does not cling to religious, caste-based, pro-minority or heinous tactics or impose his own ideology like other anchor does, rather keeps neutral position during debates & reporting.
  7. He has the great following among Indian diaspora, which numbers about 20 million.

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Why Arnab Goswami Left Times Now And Started New Venture 'Republic'

It is beyond any doubt that “Newshour at 9” has always remained very interesting and informative news session when Arnab Goswami a vociferous anchor, used to lead this in his desired oblique manner.

His show Newshour at 9 was contributing to 60% of the total revenue of Times Now and earned a great reputation among viewers thereafter sudden disjunction and separation shocked people all over. Though Rahul Shivshankar has taken over as the Editor-in-Chief of Times Now it may take a long time for Times Now to pick up the same pace. There was a common view: A man of such nationalism and caliber should start a channel of his own.

However no concrete reason has been publicly expounded by Times Now or Arnab for his resignation, however, according to some sources, his relationship with owners (Bennett, Coleman & Co. Ltd., a privately held company, controlled by the Jain family) was not in synchronization.

He had the ideological differences and he was also a future threat because of the fact that he had risen above the brand name due to his great studio persona. Arnab Goswami also wanted to start a new venture because he had the following strong conviction in his mind which appeared even before his resignation from Times Now:

Independent media is going to thrive

It infers, one should not be hesitant for uttering truth independently and this can only be done if you are in complete harmony with people around you or you become independent of those who restrict you directly or indirectly.

According to sources on one side his relations with owners were untenable; another side he had to go on an exciting journey of India’s first independent news channel, so we can say that end of previous and start of the new journey as Republic Channel both happened together.

India’s Most Awaited- Arnab Goswami’s News Venture  ‘Republic’ To Launch On 6th May 2017

On 6th May 2017, the whole country would be celebrating its republic day at Rajpath, before the president of India, meanwhile, Arnab Goswami would be launching his new news channel “Republic” for completing the country's media transition towards becoming an independent media.

This new news channel is expected to go live before the Uttar Pradesh Elections. Arnab Goswami has disclosed that Republic will be a global media venture, ‘parallel to the BBC and CNN” or any other famous global network. All reporters, analyzers, designers or other staff are expected to be Indian and Republic Channel is believed to be backed up by India’s one of the leading Media Distribution & Buying Network.

Launch Of Republic Channel On Twitter

Even at the outset, itself Twitter account of Republic Channel is flooded with an overwhelming response from the public. Phrases being used by Arnab on Twitter are revolutionary and just within few days of the start-up it’s following crossed the figure of 75700 followers. Displayed with the main tagline, “Join the revolution” it contains the following exciting Tweets:

'Republic News Channel', Beginning New Trend Of Future Journalism

To balance the predominance of Western Media, a new media channel who is not under influence of old, who is fresh & vibrant - not retired with outdated ideologies, need to take birth and this may come true with this new global media star 'Republic Channel'. There are also some speculations that half of his Times Now colleagues will be going with him. People are quite hopeful, best of luck “Republic”!.

However, this may also work as ‘Role Model’ for other TV Anchors who stand at almost on equal footing to Arnab’s, to leave their existing venture and start afresh in the hope that their fan following will back them in shaping new media order.

India belongs to its young and model of youngsters like Arnab Goswami. The tricolor is in their hands, and so is future.

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